Painting update 24/11/2018


With one eye on an upcoming tournament at then end of December (more on that later), I have started working on my list and trying to evolve the army that I took along to Seeds of Destruction earlier this year.  Forgeworld is not allowed this time around, which leaves a y’vahra shaped hole in my force.  While the absence of the big boy will hurt, the plus side is that this does give me lots of points to play with, and the opportunity to experiment with some new stuff.

Lots of ideas have been churning through my mind (Vespids!), but the one unit that keeps coming up time and time again is the Ghostkeel.  Having seen much praise heaped on this unit in batreps and forums, I am keen to see what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, my recent cold turkey declaration on buying new models means I can’t just go out and get one.  Lucky then that I have had a suitable model awaiting conversion for a very long time…

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Modeling update 10/11/18


With the Terrain safely behind me and spares accounted for, I decided to crack on with the Knights.  These kits look pretty awesome on the sprue, and despite being about the same size as a Primaris Marine, they somehow exude a lot more detail than the average marine sculpt, as well as complexity.  That said though, they were easy enough to put together and I managed to bang them out in pretty short order.

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Painting update 3/11/18


With October now safely tucked away behind us (and all the sweet fueled Halloween mayhem that it ends with), it is once again time to review my progress on the ‘Vale of Legions‘ pledge.  This month it was the turn of the Terminator squad, with whom I had tried my hand at a bit of light conversion work.  Did I make the deadline? Would I be ousted from the pledge group?  Would the crippling shame of missing the deadline lead to hours of soul searching angst?  Read on to find out the conclusion to this epic cliffhanger!

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Painting update 3/10/2018



With September done and dusted, the latest installment of the Vale of Legions painting pledge was due – namely my Contemptor Dreadnaught.  As it turned out, due to the Seeds of Destruction tournament also coinciding with the deadline I was a few days late with the submission, but it seemed to matter not as almost everyone else involved was also late, due to also taking part in said tournament!  So there were are, that’s the excuses done – on to the submission itself.

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Tourney time update 29/9/2018



With any luck (and a bit of clever scheduling shenanigans) this update will be hitting the blog as I am on my way to the Seeds of Destruction tournament that I mentioned last month.  Organised once more by the terrific team at Vale Renegades, the event is being hosted by the ever fragrant boys and girls at Firestorm Games in beautiful, downtown, Cardiff, Wales.

I will hopefully unless reduced to a salty teared mess be writing a blow by blow account of the tournament in the coming weeks, but at the time of posting almost 90 competitors have entered the running, making it the biggest tournament I will have ever attended.  On top of it being an ITC event, it has also now been classified as an ITC GT – something, I am led to believe, that is a very big deal.  Either way, I’m just chuffed to be going!

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Painting update 26/9/2018



With the upcoming Seeds of Destruction tournament (this Saturday!) occupying most of my meagre painting time, I have been concentrating on trying to bring some of the worst painted elements up to scratch.  Everything in the list is now painted at least, but some bits are bit shabbier than others.  And by bit, I mean a lot.

In that regard, by far the worst unit is my Broadsides, specifically the Railsides.  I painted these a long, long time ago in a country far, far away, with the intention of just getting the first coat done so I could use them on the tabletop with less shame that sprue grey would have bought me.  I always intended to go back and tidy them up, and guess what – it only took just over two years for me to get around to it!
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The 2018/19 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’


40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

Dave Weston, of 40kaddict fame, has once more issued his annual call to ‘painting and modeling’ arms, encouraging all of us harbouring a grey tide of embarrassment to get a move on and start making some headway with a proper ‘To Do’ list. You can see Dave’s original post at his blog.

Last year my focus was mainly on building, with only a small amount of painting targeted. That list was also massive and unwieldy and presented me with little hope of completing it. For this year, my main focus will be on trying to get some balance between the painting and the building, as well as setting realistic targets that will give me a sense of achievement as I progress rather than crushing the will to live out of me denting morale before I even begin.

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