The 2017/18 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’


Dave Weston, of 40kaddict fame , has once more issued his annual ‘call to painting and modeling arms’, encouraging all of us harbouring a grey tide of embarrassment to get a move on and start making some headway with a proper ‘To Do’ list. You can see Dave’s original post at his blog here .

With my recent inventory complete, I have been able to get a better idea of where I am with the hobby and think I can now have a good stab at planning my way forward.  As such, I am going to have a go at posting my ‘To Do list’ for the coming year – but before that, I should probably have a quick review of the last one.

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Painting Update (part 2) 25/11/2016


So with the boys finished(ish) and a little time to spare, I thought I would have a go at making a decent display board/tray to carry them around the event with.  I had originally got hold of a plastic ikea tray for the purpose of carrying them around, but it looked a bit naff and they slid everywhere.  I then go hold of an old cork notice board with the intention of removing the cork and adding it to the plastic tray to add a bit of grip.

With the luxury of time on my hands though, I decided to try and take it up a notch and do a simple texture layout for the army to sit on.  Nothing complex or too ambitious, just something to make it look like I made an effort  The bear minimum of course, but an effort none the less!

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Painting Update 11/10/2016


Progress on the Dark Angels is a bit slow at the moment, mainly due to all my spare time being dominated by baby related activities.  As a result, I have tried to focus on tasks that do not require much in the way of ‘batch painting’, as I am unlikely to get a solid block of time to crack these out at the moment.

So, on the larger scale I have finished all my modeling and have almost primed everything.  This is actually better than it sounds, as a lot of the vehicles needed little repairs, conversions or adaptions to bring them in line with what I wanted in the battle company. I will also be getting in a few practice games soon, and it will be much better if everything is at least painted black rather than grey, or covered in what I like to call ‘EBay Gakk’.  Photo of the primed horde to follow soon!

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