Terrain Update 16/03/2018


More terrain completed this week, once again with one eye on the upcoming Taros campaign and one on creating some for general usage. I have yet again been gathering general junk from the recycle bin (much to my wife’s chagrin )with an eye to reusing it in a different manner, and this week I have banged out a few medium sized shipping container type things (proper name TBC)

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EBay Rescue Part 2: Tactical Squad


Many of my EBay bargain bids have been for mixed lots of ‘stuff’, usually a mélange of plastic crack that more often than not contains space marines. The GW poster boys are after all the most popular 40k miniature range, and since almost every boxed set ever produce has contained them in one form or another, they are by far the most proliferate miniature on the EBay market. And of course, the one good thing about lots of supply is that demand is not there to meet it, so the price drops and bargains can be found!

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Painting update 8/3/18


As part of my preparations for the tournament over Christmas I managed to get some more Tau done just in time to bolster the ranks and take on the rest of the galaxy (although mostly Imperium as it turned out). This was nice, as it not only helped my list for that and the subsequent tournament, but it was also a double header target of being on my 2018 To Do List and part of my Taros Campaign Preparation. Boooyah! Could I be killing any more birds with this one stone?!

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Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 2


Preparations for the upcoming campaign continue, although there will be a brief hiatus for the rest of the month as I will be AFK for a short while on family duty. As previously mentioned, my Astra Militarum Imperial Guard are in need of armoured reinforcements, preferably of the free (or possibly EBay bargain basement) variety. Last months Leman Russ worked out quite well, and is in the queue awaiting painting, and the building of the second has begun in earnest. However, this week I have managed to complete the first ‘chimera’.

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Painting Update 31/01/2018


A bit of a double post this one – not only is it a painting update to prove to the world that I actually managed to finish some models recently, but it is also part of my preparation for the upcoming Taros Campaign, which is plodding along nicely.

The campaign itself requires the use of Gue’vesa – human collaborators! auxiliaries, and quite few of them. Normally I would just use Imperial Guard, but since the guard will also be playing a major role in the campaign I thought it better to just get on with expanding my numbers of actual Gue’vesa instead.

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EBay Rescue Part 1: Terminators


Since writing about my well documented problem with buying stuff from EBay  and coming to a decision to dispose of the vast amount of cheap plastic tat  grey gold stuff I have accumulated, i have managed to offload a number of items and recoup some of the money invested in them. Mostly, this has been at a profit, as the items I bough were rarely over the 99p threshold and reselling them has involved simple repackaging and sorting of random bits into groups that make sense, and taking decent photos, increasing the value with little to no work (it still amazes me the number of people who take awful photos for selling stuff on EBay).

In some case though, a little more work has been required to save the miniatures from the ‘paint jobs’ inflicted on them. Rather than just stripping them back though, i wanted to see if it was possible to improve the paint work and raise the quality of the miniature to a point where extra value could be generated. Hence, the ‘EBay Rescue’ title to this post

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Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank


Preparations for the upcoming campaign are well underway, with terrain generation ticking along nicely, specifically tailored to the missions in the book (mostly mining and industrial looking stuff – more in a future update).  As previously mentioned though, my Astra Militarum Imperial Guard forces will need some significant reinforcements in the Tank department to be able to play the majority of these missions – after all, Taros was known for its brutal tank battles in the desert wastes.  However, I really don’t want to spend any money at all if possible, so i have decided to give cardboard tanks a go!

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