T’au Codex Review: Part 2 – Relics, Generic Stratagems and Traits


Warlord Traits:

These are the generic warlord traits that are available to take for any Tenet, giving T’au players a lot of flexibility to either follow the set traits offered up in the codex or make up their own and give their cadre a distinct flavor. This is most welcome indeed.

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T’au Codex Review: Part 1, Septs


So the new T’au codex has dropped, and followers of the Greater Good everywhere are pouring over its pages desperately trying to work out the newest, salty-tear-inducing-obnoxious-rule-bending build that they can conquer the competitive world with. If that is you, then this review probably isn’t for you.

For my own part, I just wanted to offer some humble observations and impressions on the new codex (WTF COMMANDER LIMIT!?), in a calm mannered, optimistic way (THE SKY IS FALLING!) that may or may not offer some insight into the strengths and weaknesses (WHY DOES GW HATE T’AU SO MUCH?) of the new T’au and how they may be employed in a fluffy and effective manner (IT’S ALL REECE’S FAULT!!!) to the enjoyment of all.

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Terrain Update 16/03/2018


More terrain completed this week, once again with one eye on the upcoming Taros campaign and one on creating some for general usage. I have yet again been gathering general junk from the recycle bin (much to my wife’s chagrin )with an eye to reusing it in a different manner, and this week I have banged out a few medium sized shipping container type things (proper name TBC)

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EBay Rescue Part 2: Tactical Squad


Many of my EBay bargain bids have been for mixed lots of ‘stuff’, usually a mélange of plastic crack that more often than not contains space marines. The GW poster boys are after all the most popular 40k miniature range, and since almost every boxed set ever produce has contained them in one form or another, they are by far the most proliferate miniature on the EBay market. And of course, the one good thing about lots of supply is that demand is not there to meet it, so the price drops and bargains can be found!

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Painting update 8/3/18


As part of my preparations for the tournament over Christmas I managed to get some more Tau done just in time to bolster the ranks and take on the rest of the galaxy (although mostly Imperium as it turned out). This was nice, as it not only helped my list for that and the subsequent tournament, but it was also a double header target of being on my 2018 To Do List and part of my Taros Campaign Preparation. Boooyah! Could I be killing any more birds with this one stone?!

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Further Impressions of Tau in 8th


With my second tournament fielding T’au now completed, and with a few new units included in the ranks, I thought I would offer some further humble insights into my impression of T’au in 8th. These may well prove to be moot as the new codex is just around the corner, but since the last codex was barely an update of the previous one, it could well be that nothing much changes at all and therefore my impressions may remain valid. Plus I’m snowed in and have nothing better to do.

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‘Warshed’ Tournament 24/02/18


Last weekend I attended the Warhshed tournament held by the Cardiff Wargames Club  at the excellent Firestorm Games. The format was 5 games over two days using the Open War card deck to determine Missions, Deployment and Twists. Power level was set at up to 120 PL, with Ruse cards working as normal but Sudden Death cards kicking in when your opponent was 40PL or more above your Power Level. I decided to take my T’au once more, the list for which was covered in a previous post.

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