Lost Patrol – additional rules


Recently I posted a quick review of the game Lost Patrol , having played it a few times over the space of a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Indeed, on several occasions since then we have had the opportunity to break out the game and had another bash at getting the hapless brave scouts to da choppa the dropship over some salty snacks and responsibly consumed adult beverages. While these games have also been fun, the lack of longevity to the game has become more and more apparent with every passing wholesale slaughter. The fact is that any game with just two protagonists is going to get stale pretty quickly, especially one as simple as this.

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Build it and they will come…

While playing 40k in Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to have an awesome FGLS down the road by the name of  Fun Atelier , who provided a number of things to enable the enjoyment of the addiction hobby while living in foreign climes. Convivial atmosphere, great staff, ice cold air conditioning, one of the few preorder facilities for GW stuff, and of course gaming space. In Hong Kong, space is at a bit of a premium, and so finding a shop in a central location (on the Island no less!) with enough room for 10 gaming tables was a bit of a luxury. What made it even better was the mass of great terrain that they had accumulated over the years, through the efforts of causal gamers and veterans alike, which enabled truly immersive games to be played and enjoyed by all (well, those of us who don’t enjoy playing on planet bowling ball that is…)

001Enough terrain to sink a battleship

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‘Proximity Alert’


The battlesuit slammed into the tainted metal floor of the makeshift fortress, scattering gore slickened debris all around and sending a deafening boom throughout the ramshackle structure. From the dripping shadows, skulking biological horrors shrieked their answer to the sudden cacophony. With steam still rising from its red hot armour plated surface, the Riptide unfurled itself from its crouching position, leveling its weapon systems at the enemy.

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The 2017/18 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’


Dave Weston, of 40kaddict fame , has once more issued his annual ‘call to painting and modeling arms’, encouraging all of us harbouring a grey tide of embarrassment to get a move on and start making some headway with a proper ‘To Do’ list. You can see Dave’s original post at his blog here .

With my recent inventory complete, I have been able to get a better idea of where I am with the hobby and think I can now have a good stab at planning my way forward.  As such, I am going to have a go at posting my ‘To Do list’ for the coming year – but before that, I should probably have a quick review of the last one.

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The First Step

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, they say that about drugs and booze, so I guess it can apply to any addiction, right? OK, well here it is – I have a problem. I am addicted to cheap piles of plastic (and metal, and even resin) crack. There, done. Problem solved, right?


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The Great Inventory, part 2

Ok, so the first part of the inventory was a bit of a shock to the system. I suspected that I might have got a bit carried away over the years but I never thought the collection had spiraled to over 500 models. I really didn’t want to carry on with the process to be honest, as I knew if I finished the inventory there would be some tough decisions to make with regards to how I deal with it all.

However, I knew deep down that the best thing to do was just to finish it and get an honest and frank assessment of where I am and how bad it has got. So, I knuckled down, gritted my teeth, girded my loins, and cracked on with part 2…

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The Great Inventory, part 1

Now that we have unpacked the majority of our stuff and essential tasks have been completed to the boss’ liking, I have allowed myself a few hours to unpack the toy soldiers serious collectable miniatures and house them in their new abode. While doing so, I also undertook the slightly tedious (if necessary) task of having a bit of an inventory of all the lads. I have collected rather a lot of disparate stuff over the last few years (thanks to a bad EBay habit and not being able to resist a bargain when I see it) and a fair chunk of it has gone straight into boxes labeled ‘project x’ or such like, and then been duly forgotten about.

The inventory also takes a bit more prominence at the moment, as I am keen to join in the with the 40k Addict Hobby Season  shenanigans going on, and a better understanding of where I am will allow me to plan a better hobby season ahead.

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