‘Warshed’ Tournament 24/02/18


Last weekend I attended the Warhshed tournament held by the Cardiff Wargames Club  at the excellent Firestorm Games. The format was 5 games over two days using the Open War card deck to determine Missions, Deployment and Twists. Power level was set at up to 120 PL, with Ruse cards working as normal but Sudden Death cards kicking in when your opponent was 40PL or more above your Power Level. I decided to take my T’au once more, the list for which was covered in a previous post.

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Tourney time!


Oh yes good sirs, once more into the breach! Having completed my target of a yearly pilgrimage to the hallowed tables of at least a single 40k Tournament rather too close to the deadline last year, I decided to get off to a flyer this time round and attended my first tournament of the year over the weekend!

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PART 4.3: The Artemis Hive Campaign

MISSION 4.3: ‘Undeniable’


Mission Setup:
The Ultramarines’ drive on, slicing through the defences with grim determination and methodical devastation. Bolter shells chatter and promethium flames flare, answered by the whistle of guided missiles and the sharp crack of pulse rounds. The human defenders continue to fall, like cattle they are butchered in the streets now slick with blood and gore. Almost all human resistance has collapsed, with units throwing down their arms before the advancing marines, begging for forgiveness. The more wary run away and attempt to hide, and wisely so as the Ultramarines meat out the Emperors justice on those they find cowering before them.

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PART 4.2: The Artemis Hive Campaign

MISSION 4.2: Unrelenting


Mission Setup:
While the battle of the bunkers rages on, the Ultramarines spearhead drives on deeper and deeper into the network of defence lines, butchering and burning as they go. While the Tau put up an organized, efficient defense, their human comrades are melting like ice under the midday sun. Units throw themselves at the Ultramarines feet, begging for forgiveness and mercy, but receive none.

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PART 4.1: The Artemis Hive Campaign

MISSION 4.1: Unswerving


Mission Setup:
The Ultramarines are at the city gates, having free reign of the cities perimeter now that the rebels have withdrawn into the bristling fortified mass that is Artemis Hive. However daunting the city appears though, the momentum of the war is with the Ultramarines and they know that all that stands in their way are a series of unremarkable defense lines, a handful of fortifications, and a garrison of human warriors on the edge of collapse.

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