Lost Patrol Challenge, part 2: Tactical Marines


After the disastrous efforts of the Blood Angel’s scouts to retrieve the intel from the dropship, it is time for ‘big brother’ to have a go. This time, the Dark Angels are in town an intend to show their bewinged brethren a thing or two in how to conduct jungle warfare operations!

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‘Fish of Doom’ Tournament 28/12/17


Last Thursday I attended the annual Christmas tournament held by the Cardiff Wargames Club at the excellent Firestorm Games. The format was 3 games using the open play card deck to determine missions. Power level was set at 120, with a minimum of two detachments. No LoW allowed, but forgeworld was ok. I decided to take my T’au, the list for which was covered in a previous post.

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Tourney time!


Oh yes indeed, that rarest of rare annual events is almost upon us – no, not Christmas (although, while we are on the subject, only 4 more sleeps – eeeeeek!). No, I refer of course to my once yearly attendance of a 40k tournament!

This year, i have left it a bit late to try and get along to something, but as i was moving across the planet and rebuilding a house for most of this year i think getting to the party a little it late is excusable.

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Lost Patrol Challenge, part 1: Scouts


As mentioned in the previous post regarding proposed additional rules for other 40k units to be used in the game, we have decided to do a Lost Patrol Challenge as we work our way through the new units, ultimately to see if anyone is capable of retrieving the drop ship at all.

Rules of the challenge will be pretty simple – a few practice games to get to grips with the idiosyncrasies of the rules and then three go’s at getting to da choppa! First up of course, and setting the standard for everyone that comes after them, will be the beleaguered brave scouts with heavy bolter.

Challengers, ready! Genestealers, Ready! Lets go!

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Titan’s Fall pt 3.1: The Titan Prime Campaign

MISSION 3.1: Insurrection


Mission Setup:
While the defenders of Rhea Hive are well dug in, the spaceport of Ares – situated just outside the second city’s defensive cordon – is only lightly garrisoned. Its prominent location high on a plateau above the city makes its defence as part of the urban mass of Rhea impossible. Any attempt to reinforce it from the city would take hours, and the fact that Imperial ships now control the space lanes above the planet mean the spaceport is currently idle and not deemed a key defensive position for the Tau.

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