‘A Vale of Legions’ Hobby Challenge



As the end of the 2017-18 hobby season approaches, I have started to make some real inroads into my build targets and, to a lesser extent, my painting targets.  However, one small item on the list has been gnawing at my conscience ever sine I wrote it, but I just haven’t had the energy or indeed the confidence to begin it. That small item was one simple line on the list, yet in truth it is a pretty massive undertaking.  That line?

‘Betrayal at Calth boxed sets’, or ‘how I wanted to get into Horus Heresy’.

Up until now I have not really had a reason to start it – I don’t know anyone that plays, and I have a lot more items on the list that I want to get though, etc.  Recently however, some of the chaps at Vale Renegades who play at the excellent Firestorm Games in Cardiff have decide to start a 30K collecting/modelling/painting event aimed a slowly building up collections of 30k armies between interested parties and generating a group to both play games with as well as encourage with the painting and modelling side of things.  And so, the Vale of Legions event was born.

This is exactly what I needed to get my 30k underway and finally make use of the two boxed sets that I have had in my hobby cupboard for too many years already!  The rules are pretty simple – choose a legion, write a 1250pt ‘Centurion’ list, and pledge a unit a month to paint.  Once those list are complete, we’ll get together and have some games, and then slowly grow the lists (1500, 1750, etc) and hopefully establish a good core of players to keep the interest going.

My Legion

So far there are 15 participants, and interestingly they have all selected different legions.  I was a bit torn at first as to who to go for – Dark Angles would have complimented my 40k force quite well, or an Imperial Fists force as I quite fancied doing the colour scheme.  As it was though, my traitorous tendencies got the better of me and I plumped for the Alpha Legion.

Legion by Dan Abnett

Since reading ‘Legion’ in the Horus Heresy series I have loved the Alpha legion.  The fluff is great, and the rules for using them in 30k are a great reflection of that (as opposed to the 40K rules, which are strong but not particularly fluffy).  I also like the fact that their is some ambiguity as to whether they are really traitors or not, which is perfect for me as I just don’t have it in me to go full traitor I think.

My List

So here is my initial 1250 point list.  I don’t really know what is a strong list in 30k, so I’ve just gone for something that looks balanced and can make best use fo the Alpha Legion Tactics

XX Alpha Legion  [1247pts]

  • Centurion – Delegatus Consul, Chainfist, Combi-Melta, Cataphractii Terminator Armour – [117pts]
  • Contemptor Dreadnought – Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon, Dreadnought CCW with Twin-linked Bolter – [190pts]
  • Terminator Squad – Combi-Bolter x5, Power Axe x 4, Power Sword x 1 (sergeant) Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour – [175pts]
  • Tactical Squad, Legion – 19x Tactical Space Marines, Bolters, Sergeant with Melta Bombs – [230pts]
  • Tactical Squad, Legion – 19x Tactical Space Marines, Bolters, Sergeant with Melta Bombs – [230pts]
  • Heavy Support Squad – Heavy Bolter x 5, Sergeant with Melta Bombs – [140pts]
  • Heavy Support Squad – Missile Launcher x 5, Sergeant with Melta Bombs – [165pts]


The first pledge will be on Sunday for the month of July, and I will probably be starting with a tactical squad, or maybe just half of one for now.  However there are a few things to get off the books before then (some Taros stuff – and yes that is likely to be delayed a bit further by this event) but I am already super psyched to be getting on with this.

First stage will be to get a colour scheme done.  From looking on them there interwebs, Alpha legion don’t seem to be the easiest to paint, so I will probably do some test modes in the near future to help me find the right scheme.  Anyway, rest assured I will be keeping you updated in ball aching detail!

All Hail the Warmaster!


11 thoughts on “‘A Vale of Legions’ Hobby Challenge

    • Thanks! Very true, I’m really glad the boy at Vale Renegades decide to start this, otherwise my Alpha Legion would have languished for another year or three!


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