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Just in case you missed it (what, you don’t check Warhammer Community page every day, like religiously?!), Black Library are looking for new writers!

If you fancy your chances then I suggest you don your writers hat and favourite pencil, curl up on the old scroll wingback leather Chesterfield in your personal library, stoke the dying embers of the fire, top up the brandy and get going on a new tale of grimness and darkness in the grimdark.

Black Library Open Submissions

There is also some brief advice from Black Library authors in there too that is well worth checking out. Open submissions are now, er, open!  Closing date is the 10th April, so get cracking!




Commission Painting Review


While the decision to downsize my collection in response to the great inventory was a difficult one, it has so far produced a number of upsides. Extra storage space, less fretting about what to tackle next in the hobby sphere, and of course surplus cash from the sale of unwanted plastic crack. This last one in particular has been a bit of a boon as there is a healthy market for second hand miniatures online, and as i picked most of this surplus up for bargain basement prices i have usually been making a decent profit on each item.

So the question is, what to do with this extra cash? The obvious answer is to reinvest it in more plastic crack, but as this would be counter intuitive given my goal of reducing the collection to a manageable size (as well as possibly resulting in a swift divorce from my ‘higher power’) it is not really an option. However, reinvesting it in the hobby (as opposed to beer and lose women) makes perfect sense, especially if it can help me make progress in getting more models ready for table top usage.

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Lost Patrol – additional rules


Recently I posted a quick review of the game Lost Patrol , having played it a few times over the space of a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Indeed, on several occasions since then we have had the opportunity to break out the game and had another bash at getting the hapless brave scouts to da choppa the dropship over some salty snacks and responsibly consumed adult beverages. While these games have also been fun, the lack of longevity to the game has become more and more apparent with every passing wholesale slaughter. The fact is that any game with just two protagonists is going to get stale pretty quickly, especially one as simple as this.

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The First Step

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, they say that about drugs and booze, so I guess it can apply to any addiction, right? OK, well here it is – I have a problem. I am addicted to cheap piles of plastic (and metal, and even resin) crack. There, done. Problem solved, right?


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The Great Inventory, part 2

Ok, so the first part of the inventory was a bit of a shock to the system. I suspected that I might have got a bit carried away over the years but I never thought the collection had spiraled to over 500 models. I really didn’t want to carry on with the process to be honest, as I knew if I finished the inventory there would be some tough decisions to make with regards to how I deal with it all.

However, I knew deep down that the best thing to do was just to finish it and get an honest and frank assessment of where I am and how bad it has got. So, I knuckled down, gritted my teeth, girded my loins, and cracked on with part 2…

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The Great Inventory, part 1

Now that we have unpacked the majority of our stuff and essential tasks have been completed to the boss’ liking, I have allowed myself a few hours to unpack the toy soldiers serious collectable miniatures and house them in their new abode. While doing so, I also undertook the slightly tedious (if necessary) task of having a bit of an inventory of all the lads. I have collected rather a lot of disparate stuff over the last few years (thanks to a bad EBay habit and not being able to resist a bargain when I see it) and a fair chunk of it has gone straight into boxes labeled ‘project x’ or such like, and then been duly forgotten about.

The inventory also takes a bit more prominence at the moment, as I am keen to join in the with the 40k Addict Hobby Season  shenanigans going on, and a better understanding of where I am will allow me to plan a better hobby season ahead.

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Lost Patrol: A Review

As mentioned previously, I recently acquired a copy of Lost Patrol to play at a family BBQ, as a few family members had expressed an interest in my ‘toy soldiers’ hobby and I saw it as maybe a good way to introduce them to the world of the grimdark. What ensued were a couple of hours for fun, suitably lubricated by adult beverages for the grownups and sugary drinks for the juniors. As an introduction to my hobby it definitely worked, as it was of suitably popcorn bucket depth when it came to the fluff, and equally unchallenging when it came to the rules and their various interactions.


our brave protagonists, hooray!

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