‘Dust and shadows’

“We should head back,” Hask urged, as the sickly yellow lights flickered around them. “The cultists are dead.”

“Do the dead frighten you, Corporal?” the Lieutenant replied in a gruff voice, the hint of a mocking smile creasing his lips.

Hask did not rise to the bait. He was an old man by Navy standards, past forty, and he had seen plenty of officers come and go. “Dead is dead,” he said. “We have no more business with them.”

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Titan’s Fall: The Background



The prosperous Imperial system of Titan lies along the fringes of the Gulf of Damocles, at the eastern edge of the Imperial Ultima Segmentum. Like most Imperial planets, It is a world of towering spires, arcane technology and overcrowded hives. Unlike most however, it is a world that has become rich through the abundant iridium deposits found on the second moon of Atlas. Through these riches, life on Titan has become more bearable than on most hive worlds, with its citizens enjoying a better quality of life than any Imperial citizen should reasonably expect. As a result, they have not only become comfortable in their way of life – they have also become afraid of losing it.

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Everyone has a story to tell…

…and I am no different, or at least when it comes to the world of 40k!

I have always enjoyed the fluff writing side of campaigns and missions, and have allowed myself occasionally to dip into writing  bit of fiction to supplement them.  As and when they are completed, I will also post some of the better ones here for your viewing dis/pleasure.

Feel free to leave your best criticisms and impromptu reviews, I am always keen to improve!

Titan’s Fall: A Tau vs Ultramarines Escalating Campaign

Hello and welcome to a multi-part campaign between the plucky Tau Forces of Fi’Rios Septword (under my command) and the cunning Ultramarines (under the command of my good friend Neophyte2012). Batreps will be written reports & pictures format, with as much fluff as can be mustered liberally sprinkled in between.  These will be written up on DakkaDakka, so to avoid duplication of work I will post links to those full write ups here and some summaries/key photos as the campaign progresses. Continue reading