Jequn stood motionless as the heavy metal ramp swung down, allowing the first shafts of the dawn light into the Thunderhawk’s darkened compartment. His helmet already locked into the mounting ring of his power armour, the sergeant watched as the atmosphere inside the ship exploded out into the freezing void, a cloud of ice crystals on an invisible breeze. The Black Templar’s wasted no time in deploying, rapidly disembarking and spreading out in pairs to secure the landing perimeter. Twenty armoured warriors crunched onto the red, gritty surface of Ar’zenda Minoris, a pitiful little world at the far edge of the Imperium. A dull rumble signified the Thunderhawk’s return to its standoff position in low orbit, the mighty engine’s roar muffled by the moon’s thin atmosphere.

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The 2016/17 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’


Dave Weston, of  40k Addict fame, has issued his annual ‘call to painting and modeling arms’, encouraging all of us with masses of unpainted grey embarrassment to get a proper ‘To Do’ list together and start cracking on with the job at hand.  You can see Dave’s original post at his blog here

The 201617 hobby season starts soon

In the past year of so I have managed to get a small force of Tau built and painted to a semi decent tabletop standard.  However, the memory of my first 40k love still haunts me and I have become more and more obsessed with the idea of paining up my considerable pile of grey Space Marines.  So, apart from a few smaller Tau projects I will be devoting the majority of this coming Hobby season to painting up my Dark Angels!

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Crappy Conversions, Part 1: Tau Ethereal


I am not a big converter of models thus far in my gaming career, but I am always full of ideas on how to make stuff look cooler or create better versions of the sometimes questionable models that are ‘officially’ put on the market.  The major obstacle in my way until now has been the lack of skills to make these ideas a reality.

However, since this blog is largely about the trial and error of painting miniatures to a basic gaming standard, I have decided to jump in the deep in with both feet and just have a go!  If they turns out rubbish, it shouldn’t really matter – i am still only aiming for a ‘gaming standard’ with these conversion, and at least I will be better inform my next effort!  So, with my excuses firmly aid out I have decided to start small with a Tau Ethereal Conversion.

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The vox hissed static and squawked to life. ‘-ompany, advance!’

Squad Juno leapt forward without hesitation, emerging from the cover of the ruined shrine with bolters roaring. As their shells raked the shattered sanctum ahead, return fire lashed at the Space Marines. Orange tracer rounds flicked through the air, ricocheting off the thick ceramtie of the Crimson Fist’s power armour as they surged relentlessly forward into the squall. The sanctum was heavily defended, but it has to be taken. The Orks desecrated it with their presence. They had to be purged.

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Creative Twilight Roundup – July

As you may or may not know, I have been a regular contributor to the collective gaming blog  Creative Twilight for the past few months and it has been really great fun writing articles and battle reports, if a little intimidating on such a public forum.


This last month I have posted three articles:

July 5th: Mr. Fluffy goes to Tourney Town Pt. 2  – the second installment of Fluffy Lists for Competitive people, and this time I’m going to try and build an Imperial Guard List!

July 16th:  “Fish Tank Phooey!” – Tau vs Raven Guard 1500pts Battle Report

July 27th: Mr. Fluffy goes to Tourney Town Pt. 3  – the third installment, and this time I’m going to try and build a non-cheese-non-rage-inducing thematic Tau List!

I would highly recommend popping over and have a quick read, there is plenty on the site for gamers and hobbyists alike.  Hope you enjoy them!