Painting Update 26/07/2016

So it’s been a bit slow on the old painting front recently, namely because I am trying to complete the Firebase Support Cade boxed set I bought, and all the models are significantly larger than anything I have attempted before.  I will also admit to a little bit of Tau painting fatigue – I love the models, but the same colour scheme over and over again it draining my will a little bit.  Besides, I have also started another project as a distraction, which  I hope to post some stuff on here about soon.


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Titan’s Fall pt 2.2: The Mining Station Zebra Campaign

MISSION 2.2: Breach


Mission Setup:
The Ultramarines assault is underway. Thunderhawk gunships dive through the hail of defensive fire unhindered, delivering their cargos to their staging areas on time and en-mass. As the troops pour into their assigned target areas, the fighting is fast, brutal and at close quarters.

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