EBay Rescue Part 4: A bit of Character…


In the property trade, there are two kinds of houses that come up for sale. Those that people want to live in, and those that people want to turn a profit on. For the latter, the best way of turning a profit is to find a house that doesn’t need much work – the basics are already there, it just needs a facelift with the minimal outlay in time and effort to result in an increase in value.

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Crappy conversions part 3: Fireblade


Hate is a strong word, and not one I often find myself employing in life, let alone in the context of wee plastic men being pushed around the table to pew pew noises. However, every now and then a sculpt will come out of the GW forge which is at odds with the many, MANY great sculpts they produce, and you will be forced to drop the Hate bomb. Well, the time is now. I hate the cadre firebalde scupt…

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Shas’O, we have multiple intruder alerts, repeat, the Io’Tar has been boarded.’

‘Contain and destroy them, Shas’el.’

‘Affirmative, Shas’O.’

The comms link terminated abruptly, replacing the squall of background static with the ferocious din of battle.

O’Vash strode down the shuttle’s ramp and ducked back into the chamber.  Weapons fire strobed through the lightless corridors of AX-118, the air filled with small arms ricochets and the occasion crump of grenades against the drifting hulks bulkheads, all adding to the cacophony of war that was fast becoming a vision of hell.

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Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 4


Being from a Forgeworld Imperial Armour book, the Taros Campaign will inevitable involve the use of Forgeword models at some point along the arc of its story.  While I am very keen to play through the campaign, I am much less keen to spend the big bucks normally involved in purchasing Forgeworld models, especially if their use outside of the Taros Campaign is going to be limited.  However, proxying is not really a great option either, so once more I am turning my hand to a bit of paper hammer – this time, the (not so) mighty Trojan!

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‘Double Tap’ Tournament 06/05/2018


Last weekend I attended the Double Tap III tournament here in Cardiff, hosted as usual by the ever awesome Firestorm Games. The event itself was run by Vale Renegades, one of the most popular 40k gaming groups in South Wales. Although I didn’t take copious notes (or indeed photos) of the event, I just thought it might offer up a quick summary of the event and how the T’au faired in pursuit of the Greater Good!

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Terrain Update 8/5/2018


Just a quick update of some super simple terrain that I managed to crack out recently, intended for general use and once more with an eye on the upcoming campaign.  Having bought a new toaster last week (bear with me, I know that bit is pretty exciting all on its own) I was left with some intriguing packaging that I just couldn’t bring myself to recycle in the conventional manner.

However, tournament deadlines were fast approaching so I had little time for distractions – so obviously I allowed myself to become completely distracted by something totally unnecessary.

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Painting Update 4/5/2018


More reinforcements have arrived for the T’au – this time the much vaunted Coldstar Commander! The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed the addition of the XV86 in the previous thread about my list to take to the Double Tap tournament this weekend.

I had been thinking about getting one since its release in the last edition, but I rarely buy brand new models nowadays an couldn’t really justify it what with the general move towards ‘downsizing’ my collection rather than ‘upsizing’ it. However, Thanks to the EBay purchase of Y-tide last month, surplus downsizing funds were at hand and I was able to stretch to a Coldstar Commander box to go with it.

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Tourney Time!


Oh yes, that time of year is upon us once again as I prepare to lead a small contingent of my T’au onto the hallowed fields of battle in the 41st Millennium, spreading the message of the Greater Good with fire, moar fire, inevitable screaming and lots of bloodshed.  That can only mean its time for a tournament!

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