Terrain update 17/11/2018


Despite the current dominance on the blog of painting and modelling updates for various factions and gaming systems, terrain creation is still bubbling along nicely in the background.  If not quite at the rate of yesteryear, I still have a number of ongoing projects that I am nursing towards completion, but with each piece I complete the need for terrain becomes less desperate and hence the slow drop off in related posts.  This week I have managed to stumble across the finish line with that ubiquitous piece of scenery from warzones the universe over – the ‘Pile o’ Rubble’!  It is better than it sounds, I promise…

Originally these started life as simple foamboard pancake stacks ‘hills’ that I made to try and give a bit of variation to the levels of the battlefield.  However, once competed it was abundantly obvious that they provided very little elevation and almost no cover for models taller than a snotling being stood behind them.  So, instead of scrapping them I decided to turn them into giant rubble piles, with the aim of using them as area terrain in pretty much any gaming system that involved blowing up the enemy and their buildings.

Pile o’ Rubble

Firstly I stuck some foamboard down in a vaguely hill like shape, making some small effort to make the edges of the raised bits a bit more interesting and chamfering the edges.


The I got my end-offs pot (which contains every last speck of spare material that comes from anything hobby related) and applied the contents to the surface of the ‘hill’ with liberal amounts of PVA.


I then sprayed it black, dry brushed it grey and painted some of the longer bits silver and added a sepia wash to make them look like rusted metal girders.


I then added grass clumps to finish, and hey presto!  Pile o’ rubble complete!


I also tried a second one at the same time, but using a slightly different process.

Pile o’ Rubble 2: This time its personal

I once more started with the pancakes ‘hill’


Then I tried to grade the change in levels by adding some stones and lots of PVA


I also used a lot less ‘rubble’ from the end-off pot and instead supplemented with more sand in the flatter areas, before spraying the whole thing black


And then followed the same process as before to finish, and there we have it – two terrain pieces to done!


I’ve actually surprised myself with this one, as all the way through I thought it was going to turn out awful but they just about came together in the end.  Considering they are made up of end-offs and a failed hill experiment I’m pretty happy with what I have ended up with, and their versatility means they can probably be used in anything from 40k to Bolt Action and even Adeptus Titanicus EPIC. X-Wing might be a bit of a push though…

Anyway, the most important thing is keeping the terrain creation ticking over, and of course bagging myself another big fat stamp of arousal approval – job done!

40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

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