Muck and Brass: Ebay treasures, part 1

A lot of things changed when we moved abroad all those years ago, fundamentally so in many ways. Languages, food, weather, the sound pedestrian crossings make, and the cost of marmite to note but a few. You might say it was a time of almost complete change in our lives. There were, however, two exceptions to this rule. One was my love for my wife (Awwwww shucks – my love for beer came a close second), and the other was my eBay address.

For reasons known only to eBay, I was not allowed to update up details whilst abroad, and the task had slipped through the net of the ‘to do before we go list’ due to my fairly low usage rate at the time of leaving. However, when I got back into the hobby my first port of call was to trawl eBay’s trove of cut price treasures and build my collection quickly, but above all cheaply.


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Guest Author on Creative Twilight


That’s right, as the title suggests I have been ask to contribute as a guest author on the Creative Twilight collective blog.  Very exciting times indeed, and if you like what you have been seeing here then please check it out as it has a wealth of wargamming articles, hobby advice, tutorials and editorials beyond my own meagre contribution.

Creative Twilight Blog.

I will be endeavouring not to double post too much on here and there, but if you would like to keep a tab on both blogs then please check out my facebook page whee I will link articles and post from both accounts.

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Blogging and Inherent Laziness – great bed fellows

I have recently got back into war gamming (specifically 40K and W-Xing/Armada) after what was about a 15 year break, during which time I found girls, beer , went to uni, got a profession, got married, got a family and generally had a good time of it.

However, something was missing and my inner geek went unsatisfied by the occasional dip into Sci-Fi literature and cinema.  Then, one day I was idly walking down a Hong Kong Street and saw a shop advertising Warhammer miniatures for sale.  I had intended on just popping in for a bit of nostalgia, but just like an addict falling off the wagon I hit the plastic crack pile with reckless abandon and now find myself with a whole pile of minis that are either badly painted EBay steals or seas of monotonous grey sterility.

Up till now I have been enjoying the gaming aspect more that the painting/modeling, and have thus only paid the barest minimum attention to this part of the Hobby. However, with the arrival of a small human in my life I find myself spending more time at home rather than around the gaming table, and as such have decided to take advantage of the situation and try to address this much maligned side of my newly rekindled hobby.

So, in an effort to address the other major hurdle in the way of fully painted army glory (my utter, abject laziness) I have also decided to start a Blog page here tracking my backward efforts at painting and my painful progress to mediocrity.

I’m going to be starting with Tau as they are my current favourites, but will eventually branch out into the other areas of my collection (Tyranids/Space Marines/Chaos/Rouge Trader models) if I can keep the initial enthusiasm up.

With that said, the standard I am initially aiming for will be for tabletop gaming, but I more than welcome any advice or criticism that will help me improve as a modeler/painter – just please be gentle, as my ego is as fragile and delicate as the first snowflakes of winter (awwww….)

I will also include the occasional game report, be it 40K or X-Wing/Armada, as well as any other related brain farts that I feel need airing in a public forum such as this.