CA 2018 wishlishting


With Chapter Approved 2018 due for release in the next few months, it is hard not to get caught up in buzz as the interwebs are flooded with articles and blogs talking about their hopes for changes to the game in general, as well as addressing specific issues with some of the more popular factions.  As someone who has never passed up the opportunity to ape someone else’s idea, I thought I would give my two penny’s worth and chip in with what I hope CA 18 will bring for the Greater Good.

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I am Kroot! Blackstone Fortress


Ok, so I am a little late to the party here but NEW KROOT MODEL!  Wohoooooooo!

I was already eyeing up the Blackstone Fortress Game as a possible xmas present from myself the wife, as the other Warhammer Quest games are pretty great fun (as stand alone pieces) and could only really be improved by a grimdark setting.

The models were also probably going to be awesome too (as Silver Tower and Hammerhal testify), but I didn’t really have my hopes pinned on anything other than a few interesting Space Marine characters.  How wrong I was…

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Tooth and Claw: Unboxing



Another week, another juicy Games workshop boxed set.  This week Last week WEEKS AGO we saw the release of Tooth and Claw – a Space Wolves vs Genestealer Cults boxed set, which just happened to arrive during the home packing chaos, building up to the big house move.  I didn’t even have time to open it – it went straight from the postman’s hand and into a box labeled divorce exhibits A-Z Geek stuff.

Now that the hell fun of the move is behind us and we are a bit more settled in, I judge myself to have made sufficient progress unpacking boxes of stuff we need to live (oh toilet paper, where art though?!) and decided I could probably let myself have a few minutes of geek time to peel back the cellophane layer and have a quick gander inside at the juicy contents therein.
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Adeptus Titanicus: unboxing



So the deed was done with little or no remorse for my wallets feelings – I begged, borrowed and stole misappropriated reassigned funds intended to feed & clothe my young and used them to preorder Adeptus Titanicus.  I am a bad man.

Well, that’s not quite true – a combination of good fortune (selling an Imperial Knight on eBay that has been listed for months), good timing (it being my Birthday last week) and past prudence (continued downsizing of the plastic crack pile collection with minimal impulse buying) meant that I could order this boxed set without having to part with a Kidney. Which was nice, as I think evolution gave me two kidneys for a reason, and yet I probably would have flown in the face of Darwinism and risked my genetically enhanced survival status by parting with it.

So now that I have it in all its glory, I though I would take some photos and share some initial thoughts. As with my Kill Team unboxing, this wont be a rules review but rather a good look at the contents and what I think of it in terms of quality, value etc. However, the first issue I want to address was the preorder itself.

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The Kraken Awakens!



Now I dont normally get too excited about GW releases, and certainly not enough to write an article on the blog about it, but this time is different.  This isn’t just any release.  This is the rerelease of all rereleases.  This is EPIC!

Or rather, sort of Epic.

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Kill Team: unboxing



Through some hard eBay selling and judicious saving of my pocket money, I was lucky enough to have enough surplus cash in the hobby account this month to allow me to preorder the new Kill Team game.  I am a massive fan of the Kill Team format (I was weaned on Rouge Trader and so small scale skirmishes in the grimdark are definitely my thing) with the Heralds of Ruin version being a particular stand out ruleset for me in the evolution of the game.

However, 7th edition’s version of Kill Team was a massive disappointment, which led to me passing over the highly rated (in some quarters) Shadow War that came out towards the end of the edition.  Then rumours started to circulate of a re-release for 8th, and I honestly didn’t hold out much hope for anything other than a re-boxing and basic rules update.  Oh how wrong I was…

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T’au get FAQ’d!


So the March FAQ finally arrives on March 47th (as one facebook commenter put it) and despite the deliberately provocative headline, the T’au seem to have come out of it with a mixed bag of positives and negatives. Having just completed the Codex review, this seems like a good time to go over what the various FAQs (oh yes, there is more than one that affects T’au) have done for the Empires chances on the tabletops of the 41st millennium.

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T’au Codex Review: Bonus items – Lords of War, Fortifications and Forgeworld

Just when you think you are finished, someone points out that you missed a unit and you get dragged right back into the thick of it. Well it i, as they say ‘a fair cop’, as the Stormsurge is a pretty important unit even if I have never played one before (although I do own one – it’s still in its box, haunting me with its storage conundrum should I finally choose to build it…).

At the same time though, it occurs to me that I have missed out all the fortifications as well, so I might as well have a look at those (again, even though I don’t use them) and maybe even drop a few lines on some of the forgeworld options out there and how the codex has affected them. Once more into the breach!

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T’au Codex Review: Part 8 – Fliers, Transport and Final Thoughts


Ah, the final furlong.  Never again will I embark on such a foolish endeavour as an entire codex review without thinking about just how much work it entails.  For those of you who do this for every codex that comes out, I salute you.  We all salute you!

To get me across the finish line, we just have the section consisting of all those units that used to belong elsewhere and now have their own mini slots – let call it the waifs and stray section, home to the Fliers and our one and only Transport.

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T’au Codex Review: Part 7 – Heavy Support


In contrast to the rather overcrowded Elites section, the Heavy Support segment in the T’au codex has always felt a bit sparse. This is probably a reflection of the inherent mobility and itinerant nature of T’au Cadres that comes through in the fluff, but when it comes to list building it translates into very few options to choose from. However, quantity does not necessarily mean quality, and there have been some significant changes to this section of the codex since 7th.

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