‘Sphere of Influence’

O’Vash gazed up to the heavens, a myriad of stars scattered lazily across the black dome of the night sky. The trees of the forest swayed gently in the wind, thin tendrils of mist gliding between their branches like cobwebs on the breeze.

‘It will be a beautiful addition to the empire, do you not think El’Or?’

‘As good a place as any to die.’ he replied, a hint of weariness in his voice.

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Painting Update – 08/10/2015

Sorry for the lack of post recently, real life has taken over from the painting and blogging I’m afraid (as well as a bit of laziness for good measure) but I am back now and hoping to catch up on the painting posts at least!

Here is the third painted item for my Tau force – a Commander model. This was primarily an EBay rescue job, and it came already based in red.  Since I was after a stand out colour piece for the commander I decided to keep it this way –  he is also a handy Farsight ‘counts as’ too.


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