Painting Update 11/28/2017


After being much maligned in favour of other hobby projects as well as real life stuff, the jump pack assault squad is finally finished. This is a bit of a quadruple whammy target for me, as not only would it meet two big build goals on the 2017/18 hobby season, but I have also painted them (another goal) and it would also be the last piece in the puzzle of the full Battle Company!

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Lost Patrol Challenge, part 1: Scouts


As mentioned in the previous post regarding proposed additional rules for other 40k units to be used in the game, we have decided to do a Lost Patrol Challenge as we work our way through the new units, ultimately to see if anyone is capable of retrieving the drop ship at all.

Rules of the challenge will be pretty simple – a few practice games to get to grips with the idiosyncrasies of the rules and then three go’s at getting to da choppa! First up of course, and setting the standard for everyone that comes after them, will be the beleaguered brave scouts with heavy bolter.

Challengers, ready! Genestealers, Ready! Lets go!

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Terrain update 13/11/2017

The rebuilding of my terrain collection (from scratch no less!) is well underway, and I have started retrofitting the old fold-up terrain with foam board backing and a proper bases with a bit of painting and texture – this will mean it is in no way fold-up-able, but since space concerns are not as pressing as they used to be I think it would be better to make the scenery more robust and better looking. WIP photo below.


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Ka’mais gazed down on the world of Sha’draig. Beyond the shimmering distortion of the loading bay’s containment field she could see the emerald green oceans and brown land masses, streaked through with putrid threads of pink and purple, each strand pulsating with the forms of millions of writhing organisms. As she watched, massive shapes drifted across the vista heading for the planet’s surface. Swollen, glistening hulks of alien flesh faintly reflected the systems cold blue sun, as the bioships moved into low orbit, tendrils outstretched towards the surface. They had begun their feeding, and soon Sha’draig would be picked clean of life.

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