Modeling update 10/11/18


With the Terrain safely behind me and spares accounted for, I decided to crack on with the Knights.  These kits look pretty awesome on the sprue, and despite being about the same size as a Primaris Marine, they somehow exude a lot more detail than the average marine sculpt, as well as complexity.  That said though, they were easy enough to put together and I managed to bang them out in pretty short order.

Knight Paladin


Knight Errant


Knight Warden


As you cans see, you get one of each type on the sprue. I’m not sure how useful certain weapon loadouts are over others (I presume thermal cannon is better for hurting Warlord Titans than say the Gatling Cannon?) but you don’t get an option of changing loadouts anyway as there are no spares.  Which is kind of fine, as messing around with tiny magnets is not really my thing anyway…


The whole lot tool very little time to assemble and were pretty good fun – I have primed them all black too ready for painting, as well as leaving the top carapace section removable so it can be painted in subassemblies – I am very much following the guide by Duncan on this entire project, as it makes sense and I’ve never really followed a Warhammer TV guide before, but from what I have heard it guarantees painted minis to the quality of Duncan’s, right?


And of course, I have done the other three at the same time as batching them is super simple and has saved me time in the long run.  The only decision now is whether to paint them all as one house or split the set into two?

To answer that question though, I guess I really need to at least pick one Titan Legion to follow for a least half of the set.  I’m still umming and ahhhing over my choice, but I’ve got it narrowed down to one or two legio now so hopefully by the time I’ve tackled the warlords I will have made my choice.

Anyway, onwards and upwards – next up is the god engines themselves.  OH, and a big fat to done stamp too 😀

40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

3 thoughts on “Modeling update 10/11/18

  1. I’m still on the fence about AT. I wanted this game since the early 90s but never got around to buying it. So super excited. Other part is screaming Nooooo, you can’t justify getting into that gaming system too.

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    • Yeah, it looks great but I am only now realizing that the potential for games is quite low. While I am enjoying the modeling part and will no doubt enjoy the painting, it is quite expensive for stuff that will just sit on the shelf most of the year…

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      • I was thinking about picking up a few models and maybe game with my son, just a few models to push around and roll some dice together. But the rules looks to be a bit too complex which is a bummer.


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