‘Fish of Doom’ Tournament 28/12/17


Last Thursday I attended the annual Christmas tournament held by the Cardiff Wargames Club at the excellent Firestorm Games. The format was 3 games using the open play card deck to determine missions. Power level was set at 120, with a minimum of two detachments. No LoW allowed, but forgeworld was ok. I decided to take my T’au, the list for which was covered in a previous post.

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Painting Update 28/12/2017


So Christmas has come and gone, and as i recline in the armchair by the roaring log fire, sipping a delightfully sweet sherry waiting for the last of the turkey to digest, i can relax safe in the knowledge that i scheduled a post well in advance to make it look like i am at least trying a little bit.

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Merry Christmas!


Yes, i have just butchered the official Thanksgiving artwork with a bit of amateur photoshop.  No, i have no remorse (or shame) in my actions. 

Merry Christmas one and all, here’s hoping Santa has left your threadbare stockings overflowing with hobby related goodies!  Lay off the Sherry and have a proper drink, and if the mince pies don’t get you we will see you all again the other side of the season madness!  Ho ho ho!

Tourney time!


Oh yes indeed, that rarest of rare annual events is almost upon us – no, not Christmas (although, while we are on the subject, only 4 more sleeps – eeeeeek!). No, I refer of course to my once yearly attendance of a 40k tournament!

This year, i have left it a bit late to try and get along to something, but as i was moving across the planet and rebuilding a house for most of this year i think getting to the party a little it late is excusable.

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His crisis suit slammed into the blood soaked ground, the retro-thrusters of the jetpack firing at the last possible moment to lessen the jarring impact of the Low Altitude Deployment. Shas’Vre Pech Diael immediately surveyed the scene of carnage around him, the driving rain doing its best to conceal the ruined city from his sensors. The Ork horde had already swept through the outer defence lines of Von’yth, and the surviving colonial garrison was desperately manning the last line of fortifications.

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Commission Painting Review


While the decision to downsize my collection in response to the great inventory was a difficult one, it has so far produced a number of upsides. Extra storage space, less fretting about what to tackle next in the hobby sphere, and of course surplus cash from the sale of unwanted plastic crack. This last one in particular has been a bit of a boon as there is a healthy market for second hand miniatures online, and as i picked most of this surplus up for bargain basement prices i have usually been making a decent profit on each item.

So the question is, what to do with this extra cash? The obvious answer is to reinvest it in more plastic crack, but as this would be counter intuitive given my goal of reducing the collection to a manageable size (as well as possibly resulting in a swift divorce from my ‘higher power’) it is not really an option. However, reinvesting it in the hobby (as opposed to beer and lose women) makes perfect sense, especially if it can help me make progress in getting more models ready for table top usage.

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