His crisis suit slammed into the blood soaked ground, the retro-thrusters of the jetpack firing at the last possible moment to lessen the jarring impact of the Low Altitude Deployment. Shas’Vre Pech Diael immediately surveyed the scene of carnage around him, the driving rain doing its best to conceal the ruined city from his sensors. The Ork horde had already swept through the outer defence lines of Von’yth, and the surviving colonial garrison was desperately manning the last line of fortifications.

Burst cannons cycling into angry life, Diael and his two Shas’Ui advanced through the twisted ruins. The Green skins, on the verge of overrunning the fire warriors position, roared in fury and turned to confront the new enemy at their rear. As the rain drove hard in the crisis suits faces, two dozen boyz came charging through the mud, their clumsy fire ricocheting off ruin and suit armour alike. A maelstrom of pulse rounds met the oncoming wave, cutting the brutes to green, viscera strewn ribbons. A handful of Green skins emerged through the hail of fire unscathed, only to be met by Ui’ Fioash’s flamer. The young warrior to his right unleashed a cloud of burning propellant into the air, engulfing the remaining Orks.

Despite being wreathed in flame, a single enormous Ork barreled out of the inferno. With one sweep of his mighty choppa Fioash was knocked off his feet, landing heavily on his back in the mud. The Ork quickly moved in for the kill, but his victory was short lived. With a crackle of energy, Diael’s shoulder mounted plasma rifle lanced out, vaporizing the beasts head with a satisfying pop.

The fight was over, yet the battle was not yet done. Lightening flickered across the clouds, revealing the rain shrouded mass of a much larger wave of Orks approaching through the mangled ruins. A single Warboss clambered atop the wreckage of an upended Devilfish and bellowed to his Horde to charge. They took up the call, roaring with savage intent as they streamed past him towards the Tau lines.

Diaesh allowed himself a brief smile inside the confines of his suit. He activated the Homing Beacon mounted on his shoulder hard point, giving the prearranged signal to the Orca transports circling high above the battlefield. The Orks came charging on, oblivious to their impending doom until the first of the battlesuits erupted through the rain laden clouds. Crisis teams, Broadsides and Riptides thundered down into the mud on all sides, ensnaring the now bewildered host. The battle for Von’yth was over.

2 thoughts on “‘Crisis’

    • Ha ha, yeah I find it a common problem when writing fiction from a non imperial/human perspective. It’s like ‘how does my Fire warrior know it’s called a Space Marine?’ If I use the correct Gue’Ron’Sha, most people will be like ‘Gue’Ron’what’now? The choppa in question is even worse – not only a question of ‘how does my T’au know its called a Choppa in English/High Gothic’, but also ‘why does the Ork call it a choppa in English/High Gothic’, rather than something in ‘Orkish’.

      It’s a bit of a rabbit hole to go down, and when in doubt i ask myself a simple question – what GW would want me to do? Which thankfully has a simple answer – reinforce the brand, use the IP terminology and call it a Choppa 🙂


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