Painting Update 25/05/2016

Behold the mighty Gue’vesa!  Ha ha, well they need all the hyping up they can get as they are hardly a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.  Non scoring human cannon fodder to be thrown in front of your fire warriors (and even kroot, who are far more useful), they are nevertheless a very fluffy addition to any Tau army, especially when playing against Imperial forces.


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‘Descent of Angels’


Jenkins lifted his head, the hot ash and dust cascading off his helmet as he unfurled himself from the rudimentary shelter provided by the command post. Slowly, he raised his eyes and peered warily over the top of the battered trench line. Other guardsmen were emerging from their hiding places too, looking nervously beyond the rampart and into the thick black smoke below.

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Titan’s Fall pt 1.3: The Tethys Moon Campaign

MISSION 1.3: Steadfast


Mission Setup:
With Ultramarine attacks on their supply depots, Tau forces have accelerated their retreat to avoid becoming trapped on Tethys. However, before the Tau can affect a full withdrawal they must disassemble the partially constructed Communication Relay Beacon, so they can relocate it to Titan Prime and reestablish communications with the nearby Tau Sept world of Fi’Rios. Continue reading