Crappy Conversions, Part 1: Tau Ethereal


I am not a big converter of models thus far in my gaming career, but I am always full of ideas on how to make stuff look cooler or create better versions of the sometimes questionable models that are ‘officially’ put on the market.  The major obstacle in my way until now has been the lack of skills to make these ideas a reality.

However, since this blog is largely about the trial and error of painting miniatures to a basic gaming standard, I have decided to jump in the deep in with both feet and just have a go!  If they turns out rubbish, it shouldn’t really matter – i am still only aiming for a ‘gaming standard’ with these conversion, and at least I will be better inform my next effort!  So, with my excuses firmly aid out I have decided to start small with a Tau Ethereal Conversion.

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