Terrain update 7/7/2018


Making a decent set of objective markers has been on my mind for so long that it didn’t even occur to me to put it on either this or last years Hobby Season To Do Lists.  It has always lurking at the back of my hobby brain, touting itself as a simple little job that will make a big difference to my gaming experience.  However, the wealth of excellent objective markers at my FLGS’s of choice has meant that there was no need to rush into making them, and hence the laziness.

However, my attendance of a few tournaments earlier this year was a bit of a wakeup call for me, as lots of other players had great markers to use in our games. Furthermore, in the games where my opponents didn’t have a set, we were reduced to deploying the dice of shame. Well, no more will I have to go meekly into that shame ridden night, as I have finally got my act together and cracked some out!

It was probably just as well that I waited, as the perfect item of scrap came along for converting into objectives.  I wanted something small, that looked multi functional and not of any particular factional providence.  And what says all that more than a simple bucket?


My daughter has recently been forced into started painting figurines under my stern direction and gaze all by herself (currently Paw Patrol figures, but hey – we all have to start somewhere), and one of the left overs of this joyful process has been the little taster size paint pots above.  They are perfect for non-dom objectives in my mind, and have a nice bit of detail to boot.

Combine these with general bits of junk in the ‘off cuttings pot’ and a couple of redundant large square bases (origin unknown but almost certainly eBay mixed lots) and a lick of paint, add some decals and call them done – objectives complete!


Very simple little additions that will add a lot to my gaming, as well as those playing with me I hope. My favourites are probably a tie between No.1 (chunk of 2nd edition space marine) and No.6 (shotgun from Dark Vengeance cultist leader), but I’m pretty happy with all of them.

Super simle paint schemes too, alternating green and red for a bit of variety.  A spot of Ryza Rust and Agrax Earthshade Gloss also did a lot to make them look nice and grungy – perfect for the battlefields of the grim dark, I just wouldn’t want to be the poor chap who has to stuck his hand in there looking for the relic!


2 thoughts on “Terrain update 7/7/2018

  1. They are really cool and unusual. I knew I recognised them but couldn’t place them. Amazing to see what they really were. They do look like giant coffee cups though, or should I say recaf? But cool future storage bins, red ones could be Grox meat!


    • Cheers! Could well be grox meat in there – they just scream some form of ‘biohazard bin’ to me. Maybe I should try some freehand biohazard symbols 🙂


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