Fluffy Bunnies front and centre!


Just in case you missed it (what, you don’t check Warhammer Community page every day, like religiously?!), Black Library are looking for new writers!

If you fancy your chances then I suggest you don your writers hat and favourite pencil, curl up on the old scroll wingback leather Chesterfield in your personal library, stoke the dying embers of the fire, top up the brandy and get going on a new tale of grimness and darkness in the grimdark.

Black Library Open Submissions

There is also some brief advice from Black Library authors in there too that is well worth checking out. Open submissions are now, er, open!  Closing date is the 10th April, so get cracking!




Upcoming Campaign

Beyond the mammoth To Do List and the usual aims for the gaming year ahead (play more 8th, go to more tournaments than if did last year, sell some stuff, buy no more plastic crack, etc, etc) one of my chief aims for this year has been to start a new narrative campaign.

Narrative campaigns are the single best way to have fun in my book. Tourneys are great, as are club leagues and pick up games with mates, but the ones you always remember are the story driven campaigns that meant something more than a bit of tactical nuance and lucky dice on the day.

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Impressions of Tau in 8th

your_move__imperium_by_commissarmuskeg-d5k10lmand then 8th dropped

With the tournament concluded, and with it a bit of a crash course in 8th edition T’au completed, I thought I would give some impressions of what I observed. I played a lot of Tau in 7th, and they had a very distinct style and way to play if you wanted to maximize their salty tear inducing overpoweredness efficiency. Oh how things have changed…

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‘Fish of Doom’ Tournament 28/12/17


Last Thursday I attended the annual Christmas tournament held by the Cardiff Wargames Club at the excellent Firestorm Games. The format was 3 games using the open play card deck to determine missions. Power level was set at 120, with a minimum of two detachments. No LoW allowed, but forgeworld was ok. I decided to take my T’au, the list for which was covered in a previous post.

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Merry Christmas!


Yes, i have just butchered the official Thanksgiving artwork with a bit of amateur photoshop.  No, i have no remorse (or shame) in my actions. 

Merry Christmas one and all, here’s hoping Santa has left your threadbare stockings overflowing with hobby related goodies!  Lay off the Sherry and have a proper drink, and if the mince pies don’t get you we will see you all again the other side of the season madness!  Ho ho ho!