EBay Rescues Part 3: The one about Lelith, the Sternguard and the Genestealer Brood…


You don’t always have to strip, repaint or even touch up eBay purchases to make a profit. Sometimes, as little as a good clean or even just sorting out a mixed lot into smaller batches can result in a decent profit being turned on somebody else ‘junk’.

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Crappy conversions part 2: DS8 Tactical Support Turret


I bought the majority of my fire warriors long before Breachers were even a thing, let alone the DS8 turret. The former I could live without (and probably convert with ease if I felt so inclined) but the latter appealed to me, especially as it was effectively a free upgrade for Power Level games.

Having previously proxied with missile drones and found them to be a bit dissatisfying, I knew I wanted something better but I was never going to spend money on another couple of boxes of fire warriors that I didn’t need just to get the turrets. Bits sites were also a no go as the prices being charged were extortionate to say the least. Therefore there was only one thing left to do, and that was to try and bodge my own from spares. Behold the fruition of my efforts!

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Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 3


So another day in preparation of the upcoming Taros Campaign, another cardboard tank to bolster the Imperial Forces. I have managed to resist the call of the paperhammer Baneblade Template that I found, and instead put my effort and good will into expanding the fledgling Imperial motor pool with its first proper Chimera – Hellhounds don’t count, even if you do squint.

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T’au get FAQ’d!


So the March FAQ finally arrives on March 47th (as one facebook commenter put it) and despite the deliberately provocative headline, the T’au seem to have come out of it with a mixed bag of positives and negatives. Having just completed the Codex review, this seems like a good time to go over what the various FAQs (oh yes, there is more than one that affects T’au) have done for the Empires chances on the tabletops of the 41st millennium.

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Painting update 14/4/18


With the mammoth codex review out of the way, normal blogging service can resume. I have not been idle over the last few weeks – indeed, I am glad to report that there has been plenty of progress on many painting and modeling fronts. Huzzah! Now though, it is just a question of getting all caught up with the posting of said progress. So, onwards and upwards!

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T’au Codex Review: Bonus items – Lords of War, Fortifications and Forgeworld

Just when you think you are finished, someone points out that you missed a unit and you get dragged right back into the thick of it. Well it i, as they say ‘a fair cop’, as the Stormsurge is a pretty important unit even if I have never played one before (although I do own one – it’s still in its box, haunting me with its storage conundrum should I finally choose to build it…).

At the same time though, it occurs to me that I have missed out all the fortifications as well, so I might as well have a look at those (again, even though I don’t use them) and maybe even drop a few lines on some of the forgeworld options out there and how the codex has affected them. Once more into the breach!

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T’au Codex Review: Part 8 – Fliers, Transport and Final Thoughts


Ah, the final furlong.  Never again will I embark on such a foolish endeavour as an entire codex review without thinking about just how much work it entails.  For those of you who do this for every codex that comes out, I salute you.  We all salute you!

To get me across the finish line, we just have the section consisting of all those units that used to belong elsewhere and now have their own mini slots – let call it the waifs and stray section, home to the Fliers and our one and only Transport.

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