Painting Update 25/02/2016

I have managed to make some good headway into that bane of most Tau players painting – drones! Actually quite easy and quick, especially if they are just being painted to everyday gaming standard, but it makes a big difference to the way the boys look on the table. 21 in total, mostly  gun drones and a few marker drones, variously new builds and ebay rescues.


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Painting Update 23/02/2016

Over the holidays I also found the courage to take on a new scale of challenge and moved on to my first vehicle – the mighty Hammerhead!

It is yet another eBay rescue – a bargain at 3 quid, but in a pretty sorry state, hence the bodged SMS drones and turret hatch. The rail gun was also mounted on the wrong side, and had to be split apart and put back together making it look a bit wonky. It was also covered in black gak to boot, and some of the model construction was a bit ropey (i.e. back hatch) but anyway – rescue effort below:


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Painting update -18/02/2016

Hello chaps and Chapettes!

Yes, as predicted I fell off the grid a little bit over the Christmas period and ceased posting for a few months.  Anyway, as you can imagine this period was filled with lots of family goings on but I did not completely slack off the painting or indeed the wargaming.  So, now I am back  and focused I hope to be posting a lot of ‘catch up posts’, starting with these three chaps.


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