Painting Update 23/02/2016

Over the holidays I also found the courage to take on a new scale of challenge and moved on to my first vehicle – the mighty Hammerhead!

It is yet another eBay rescue – a bargain at 3 quid, but in a pretty sorry state, hence the bodged SMS drones and turret hatch. The rail gun was also mounted on the wrong side, and had to be split apart and put back together making it look a bit wonky. It was also covered in black gak to boot, and some of the model construction was a bit ropey (i.e. back hatch) but anyway – rescue effort below:




  • Black gak for undercoat
  • Layers in Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow (with white undercoat) / Abbadon Black
  • Then given a Nuln Oil wash and dry brushed/highlighted with Ulthuan Grey.
  • Transferred added
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo


Again quite happy to plonk this down on the tabletop – not incredible detail, and if you look closely you can see where I started highlighting but bottled it and went back to dry brushing all over. I also decide at the last minute to give the transfers a go (I still have a fear of these things after trying and failing so many times to use them on space marine pauldrons) and really glad that I did. They were much easier to apply to a vehicle and just a little bit of extra detail.



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