Painting update -18/02/2016

Hello chaps and Chapettes!

Yes, as predicted I fell off the grid a little bit over the Christmas period and ceased posting for a few months.  Anyway, as you can imagine this period was filled with lots of family goings on but I did not completely slack off the painting or indeed the wargaming.  So, now I am back  and focused I hope to be posting a lot of ‘catch up posts’, starting with these three chaps.


Three crisis suits done – as any good Tau player knows, a solo fusion suit is almost mandatory in a list just to make your opponents vehicles sweat around the turn two reserve rolls.  Also two missile suits made from the older broadside models (since I have an abundance of the newer broadside models anyway which frankly look better).  Once more these are ebay rescues so a bit limited with poses.



  • Original black gakk as undercoat
  • Layers in Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow (with white undercoat) / Abbadon Black
  • Then given a Nuln Oil wash and highlighted with Ulthuan Grey.
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo


Pretty happy with these chaps – quite tidy with the painting and highlight for a change, and this was my first use of transfers on the leg shields (with mixed results).  I’m also quite pleased with the basing of the fusion suit, as it has a dead marine half buried in the rubble (an old second edition starter set marine that has been knocking around in my bits box) done with the intent of hiding the fact that the suit is missing his feet (damn you ebay!).  Anyway, another 150pts or so done for the 1000pt list!


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