Painting Update (part 2) 25/11/2016


So with the boys finished(ish) and a little time to spare, I thought I would have a go at making a decent display board/tray to carry them around the event with.  I had originally got hold of a plastic ikea tray for the purpose of carrying them around, but it looked a bit naff and they slid everywhere.  I then go hold of an old cork notice board with the intention of removing the cork and adding it to the plastic tray to add a bit of grip.

With the luxury of time on my hands though, I decided to try and take it up a notch and do a simple texture layout for the army to sit on.  Nothing complex or too ambitious, just something to make it look like I made an effort  The bear minimum of course, but an effort none the less!

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Painting Update 25/11/2016


The painting continues unabashed as tomorrow’s deadline closes in! With all the infantry and vehicles now done (the tanks and drop pods being done to such a bad standard that they are not really worthy of a post in their own right) I can now focus on the last piece of the puzzle – the HQ units.

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