Painting Update (part 2) 25/11/2016


So with the boys finished(ish) and a little time to spare, I thought I would have a go at making a decent display board/tray to carry them around the event with.  I had originally got hold of a plastic ikea tray for the purpose of carrying them around, but it looked a bit naff and they slid everywhere.  I then go hold of an old cork notice board with the intention of removing the cork and adding it to the plastic tray to add a bit of grip.

With the luxury of time on my hands though, I decided to try and take it up a notch and do a simple texture layout for the army to sit on.  Nothing complex or too ambitious, just something to make it look like I made an effort  The bear minimum of course, but an effort none the less!

I started by marking out the position of all the models, before painting around them with PVA glue and liberally applying bits of old sprue, tooth picks, old card and general modeling detritus.  I then finished it off with a covering of crushed egg shell, all of which  gave it a nice rubble like feel


Once dry, I sprayed it black and added layers of drybrush Russ Gray and Ulthuan Grey, and then some patches of seraphim sepai and dark green wash to give the whole thing a weathered look


Pretty simple, and quick to boot.  This is how the chaps looked when lined up on parade!


The only downside is that I miscalculated the weight of all those models, and the corkboard bends rather alarmingly when you pick it up fully loaded.  I have reinforced the bottom with gaffing tape, but will probably have to remove the vehicles when carrying it around.  Not the most functional tray then, but a nice display board and better than the plastic tat from ikea.

I also added a bonus flourish to the tanks – as I am sure they will be blowing up left, right and centre, I decided to add some polypropylene clumps into the cavities so it can be deployed as smoke when they are wrecked, hopefully adding to my opponents pleasure of popping so many tanks in a game!


This is how I expect to find my force at the end of every single game…


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