Painting Update 21/11/2016


First off, apologies for not having posted in a few weeks – alas, this has been to do with stuff going on away from the hobby (aka real life) which has demanded my undivided attention.  Unfortunately this will also be going on for the foreseeable future so my posting may become quite intermittent and sporadic.

However, the good news is that during this time I have managed to keep the painting ticking over with small chunks of time committed in the wee hours of the morning.  These are nothing worthy of a post in themselves, but I will endeavor to post up some summaries as and when tasks are completed.

Going back to my to To-do List , the main bulk of the painting was focused around getting the Dark Angels ready for a tournament at the end of November.  With time running out, I have had to revise my strategy and choose a more realistic target.  My aim for now is to get the whole force up to the basic three colour standard required for the tournament, but to a good enough level that I can just go back and highlight afterwards rather than redo completely.  The tactical marines are already there, and the devastators are pretty much beyond this level as they are,  so it was time to move onto another part of the Lions Bane Detachment, namely the assault squads.

Assault Squad Hese


Assault Squad Israf



•Sprayed Chaos Black, with Dark Green Wash on black armor areas
•Trims, joints and breastplates done in Leadbelcher, h
•Eyes, Pauldron Icons and purity seals in Mephiston Red,
•Based with Fine Brown Sand, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Dry brushed with
•Bleached Bone.  Clumps of grass and stones added
•Squad name and purity seal script done with .003 Fine liner pen


Despite the low quality of these models I am actually pretty chuffed with them, thanks on no small part to them being made up entirely of EBay rescues and spares!  The painting was pretty simple and straight forward, with the only difficulty coming from the Chapter Insignia.  I wasn’t confident in free handing it, so I used the standard white transfer and over painted it in red.  It looks a bit scrappy at the moment (along with the rest of the models) but I think it will come up quite nicely when the highlighting is done.

This squad also marks the end of the bulk infantry component of the force, so I will be moving onto vehicles and characters next, although the deadline is looming on the horizon and I will be very surprised if I can get it all done in time!  I have also managed to schedule in a few test games this week, just so I can get to grips with how the battle company plays – hopefully I will be able to post those up if I find the time!


2 thoughts on “Painting Update 21/11/2016

  1. Man, that’s life. Always interfering with plans at the worst times.

    These guys look solid enough for what you need, and as you said, you can come back to them when you have more time and finish them up. Good luck at the tournament.


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