Squashed tomatoes and stew…

So it was my birthday yesterday, and although not a ‘major milestone’ event (somewhere between 30 and 50 if you must know), it is always inevitably a time for reflection and drinking. Mostly drinking though. In fact, almost exclusively drinking, with the express intent of doing so much harm to ones brain through the application of wondrous and varied forms of alcohol as to make any potentially melancholy inducing reflection all but impossible. Ahhhhhh, good times.

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My Boat Comes in, so to speak..

At Last!  The long, long wait has finally come to an end!

The slow boat has finally crawled into harbour, largely in one piece I am glad to say, and disgorged its vast cargo including a small but not insignificant crate full of our belongings. This of course means I can once again get back onto the hobby wagon and crack on with some painting and modeling that I have been chomping at the bit to get to grips with!

There is of course one small problem – locating it


Here. Somewhere.

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Muck and Brass: Ebay treasures, part 1

A lot of things changed when we moved abroad all those years ago, fundamentally so in many ways. Languages, food, weather, the sound pedestrian crossings make, and the cost of marmite to note but a few. You might say it was a time of almost complete change in our lives. There were, however, two exceptions to this rule. One was my love for my wife (Awwwww shucks – my love for beer came a close second), and the other was my eBay address.

For reasons known only to eBay, I was not allowed to update up details whilst abroad, and the task had slipped through the net of the ‘to do before we go list’ due to my fairly low usage rate at the time of leaving. However, when I got back into the hobby my first port of call was to trawl eBay’s trove of cut price treasures and build my collection quickly, but above all cheaply.


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Second Chance Saloon

In the wake of all the hootenanny and jiggery pokery regarding the titanic arrival of the eighth edition of 40k into the geekscape, it may have escaped some peoples notice that GW has found yet another stack of long lost Space Hulk games lurking in the darkest depths of the Nottingham storage bunkers.

Over the years since its fourth edition release (the current format) it has had a number of limited reissues, all of which have sold out in pretty short time. I believe there is a simple reason for that, and that reason is because the set is just so damned good. In the face of such persuasive argument from the plastic crack addle part of my brain, who was my wallet to resist?

Big enough to warrant a ‘its heavy mind’ warning from the postman. Always a good sign

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Taking stock

So, another long hiatus, another apology as I try to lift myself out of the hobby gutter and back onto the commitment wagon that was supposed to be this blog. It has been over four months since my last post, and all manner of brown matter has hit various rotating metal devices in that time, spraying its aromatic nut-filled chaos across the once pristine white walls of my life.

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Painting Update (part 2) 25/11/2016


So with the boys finished(ish) and a little time to spare, I thought I would have a go at making a decent display board/tray to carry them around the event with.  I had originally got hold of a plastic ikea tray for the purpose of carrying them around, but it looked a bit naff and they slid everywhere.  I then go hold of an old cork notice board with the intention of removing the cork and adding it to the plastic tray to add a bit of grip.

With the luxury of time on my hands though, I decided to try and take it up a notch and do a simple texture layout for the army to sit on.  Nothing complex or too ambitious, just something to make it look like I made an effort  The bear minimum of course, but an effort none the less!

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