PART 4.1: The Artemis Hive Campaign

MISSION 4.1: Unswerving


Mission Setup:
The Ultramarines are at the city gates, having free reign of the cities perimeter now that the rebels have withdrawn into the bristling fortified mass that is Artemis Hive. However daunting the city appears though, the momentum of the war is with the Ultramarines and they know that all that stands in their way are a series of unremarkable defense lines, a handful of fortifications, and a garrison of human warriors on the edge of collapse.

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PART 4: The Artemis Hive Campaign


This is the fourth part of the ongoing Titan’s Fall Campaign. Please feel free to download the below mission booklet for more details on the campaign background and all missions in this part of the campaign. If you feel like it, go ahead and play the missions and get in touch with how your battle went!

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Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 2


Preparations for the upcoming campaign continue, although there will be a brief hiatus for the rest of the month as I will be AFK for a short while on family duty. As previously mentioned, my Astra Militarum Imperial Guard are in need of armoured reinforcements, preferably of the free (or possibly EBay bargain basement) variety. Last months Leman Russ worked out quite well, and is in the queue awaiting painting, and the building of the second has begun in earnest. However, this week I have managed to complete the first ‘chimera’.

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Painting Update 31/01/2018


A bit of a double post this one – not only is it a painting update to prove to the world that I actually managed to finish some models recently, but it is also part of my preparation for the upcoming Taros Campaign, which is plodding along nicely.

The campaign itself requires the use of Gue’vesa – human collaborators! auxiliaries, and quite few of them. Normally I would just use Imperial Guard, but since the guard will also be playing a major role in the campaign I thought it better to just get on with expanding my numbers of actual Gue’vesa instead.

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hammerhead art

His hands gripped the holographic controls, fingers wrapping around the triggers. He squeezed the left trigger, testing, the targeting reticule coming to life with a shrill pinging noise, changing from blue to red in colour. He switched systems with a flick of his wrists and did the same for the burst cannon and gun drones before cycling back to the main gun.

We are ready then. Let it begin.

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