2017/18 Hobby Season review


So the Hobby season is almost over, and as real life now threatens to curtail any further meaningful progress on the list, it is probably a good point at which to call time on the 2017-2018 season and have a quick review of how and what was achieved.

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Painting update 15/8/18



Just a quick painting update today as I crack on with trying to get some easy marks off the Hobby Season to do list, as well as improve the appearance of the upcoming tournament list – 3 Pathfinders equipped with Ion Rifles.  Its funny how stuff comes in and out of fashion with new editions and new codices.  These guys were hardly taken at all during 7th on account of their expense and frail carrier, but now are supposedly all the rage if you listen to them there interwebs.  For me they just look cool, and along with their rail rifle brethren will probably see some use in Kill Team games I’m sure.

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Tourney Time!



Next month I will, with any luck, be attending the ‘Seeds of Destruction’ Tournament, run by the venerable Vale Renegades and hosted by the very excellent Firestorm Games here in beautiful, sunny, downtown Cardiff.  This will mark my third (yes third!) Tournament of the Year, smashing all previous records (being 1) for attendances of competitive events in a single hobby season, and moving me firmly into the category of ‘novice gamer’.

But that is not the only milestone to be reached, for this will also be my first ITC event!  Now, as someone who has no interest in the world of cut throat competitive gaming, you may well ask yourself why the hell would I want to get involved in an ITC event?  Well, the answers are many fold, convoluted, and not really worth the time of explaining – let alone reading.  Lets just say I want to crush the unworthy mercilessly beneath my boots  get some games in while I have a free weekend and this seemed like the best way to do it.

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The Kraken Awakens!



Now I dont normally get too excited about GW releases, and certainly not enough to write an article on the blog about it, but this time is different.  This isn’t just any release.  This is the rerelease of all rereleases.  This is EPIC!

Or rather, sort of Epic.

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Painting Update 1/8/2018



The first month of the Vale of Legions painting challenge has come to and end, and I am delighted to say that I have managed to keep my pledge and get a tactical squad of 10 marines finished (well, nearly finished).  It was pretty close though, as I only just squeaked in under the wire with a few hours to go, however there are no prizes for being an early bird and so being just in the nick of time will do nicely 😀

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Kill Team: unboxing



Through some hard eBay selling and judicious saving of my pocket money, I was lucky enough to have enough surplus cash in the hobby account this month to allow me to preorder the new Kill Team game.  I am a massive fan of the Kill Team format (I was weaned on Rouge Trader and so small scale skirmishes in the grimdark are definitely my thing) with the Heralds of Ruin version being a particular stand out ruleset for me in the evolution of the game.

However, 7th edition’s version of Kill Team was a massive disappointment, which led to me passing over the highly rated (in some quarters) Shadow War that came out towards the end of the edition.  Then rumours started to circulate of a re-release for 8th, and I honestly didn’t hold out much hope for anything other than a re-boxing and basic rules update.  Oh how wrong I was…

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Terrain Update 28/7/2018



Another day, another piece of terrain made from some plastic tat rescued from the recycling bin.  With an eye on the required pieces for the Taros campaign (yes, it is still coming, I promise…) I decided to have a go at some missile silo style terrain for the first mission.  And as luck would have it, the recycling bin provided the perfect pieces of junk to be rescued for the role!

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