The steel buckled under the blows, alien fists leaving great indentations in the blast door’s inner surface.  Beyond it lay a narrow access corridor choked with whatever foul iteration of Tyranid abominations now clawed at the door. Hideous screeches penetrated the bunker, muffled by the foot thick metal of the door.  Sergeant Guero disregarded the clamor and cast his eyes around the room.

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Guest Author on Creative Twilight


That’s right, as the title suggests I have been ask to contribute as a guest author on the Creative Twilight collective blog.  Very exciting times indeed, and if you like what you have been seeing here then please check it out as it has a wealth of wargamming articles, hobby advice, tutorials and editorials beyond my own meagre contribution.

Creative Twilight Blog.

I will be endeavouring not to double post too much on here and there, but if you would like to keep a tab on both blogs then please check out my facebook page whee I will link articles and post from both accounts.

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