‘A Vale of Legions’ Hobby Challenge



As the end of the 2017-18 hobby season approaches, I have started to make some real inroads into my build targets and, to a lesser extent, my painting targets.  However, one small item on the list has been gnawing at my conscience ever sine I wrote it, but I just haven’t had the energy or indeed the confidence to begin it. That small item was one simple line on the list, yet in truth it is a pretty massive undertaking.  That line?

‘Betrayal at Calth boxed sets’, or ‘how I wanted to get into Horus Heresy’.

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Lost Patrol Challenge part 3: Terminators


Utterly fed up with watching their more aberrant brethren messing up a simple recovery mission, the Ultramarines step up to the plate with a contingent of first company veterans.  Will the bulk of the tactical dreadnaught amour see them safely through the infested jungles below?  Why not! It always seemed to do them alright on the space hulks

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Terrain update 17/6/2018


With an eye on the Taros campaign requirements, and also just for fleshing out my battlefields for gaming in general, I have managed to complete some much needed walling or barrier style terrain. Would that I were a fancy slag capable of throwing money at Aegis Defense Line kits to adorn my war torn tabletops, but alas it is not to be and so I have turned my hand at making my own on the cheap. With a heavy emphasis on cheap.

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Painting Update 7/6/2018


With the great build cracking on at a fair pace, I have now almost completed the 5th Company of my Dark Angels successor chapter the ‘Night Sentinels’. Although I still have a lot to paint, just getting them built will be a big step in the right direction and another item ticked off the old to do list.

However, it is not all sprue grey as far as the eye can see, as I have managed to paint the last piece of my 5th Company puzzle – the Apothecary!

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Modeling Update 3/6/2018


So as we move into the half way point of the year, it is time to review some of those season long deadlines that I set myself as part of the 2017-18 To Do list.  While I have made some progress with the T’au and Dark Angels, I have not really made much of a dent in my building targets for the season, and as the end of the season is only three months away, I thought it best to crack on and get some building done.

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