Painting Update 28/09/2016


After an initial burst of activity, progress on the new Dark Angels has rather predictably slowed to a crawl.  However I am not that bummed out by this as the delay has been the result of quite momentous and joyous events in my life away from minis, about which I am pretty chuffed 🙂

Anyway, back to the world of miniatures.  As I stated previously, my intention was to start working through the To Do List systematically and get it all painted to a basic level so I can start getting some game time in and practice how the battle company plays, before moving on to more detail painting level at a later stage.  The logical place to start was the Tactical Squads, and I am glad to report that the long slog is over. The backbone of the Battle Company is finally done (to a basic level!).

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Titan’s Fall pt 3.1: The Titan Prime Campaign

MISSION 3.1: Insurrection


Mission Setup:
While the defenders of Rhea Hive are well dug in, the spaceport of Ares – situated just outside the second city’s defensive cordon – is only lightly garrisoned. Its prominent location high on a plateau above the city makes its defence as part of the urban mass of Rhea impossible. Any attempt to reinforce it from the city would take hours, and the fact that Imperial ships now control the space lanes above the planet mean the spaceport is currently idle and not deemed a key defensive position for the Tau.

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The new White Dwarf! A review

This September saw the return of White Dwarf to a monthly, larger format that was promised to be stuffed with great content for both noobs and veteran gamers of 40k and AoS alike.  Now I haven’t bought a copy of this magazine in a long, long time – I fell out of the hobby for 10 years while WD was in its prime, and only fleetingly glanced at copies of the more recent weekly format (suppresses involuntary shudder) – but I do have a nostalgic soft spot for the venerable old publication and thought this might be a good time to dip back into it’s revitalised pages.


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Creative Twilight Roundup – August

Another round up of my articles over on Creative Twilight.  I have been a bit lax this month (it was my birthday after all!) and as such have only managed to post  measly two articles:


August 9th: “Blood Loss” – Imperial Guard vs Blood Angels 1250pts Battle Report

August 20th: Mr. Fluffy goes to Tourney Town Pt. 4 – the Fourth installment of Fluffy Lists for Competitive people, and this time I’m going to try and build a Tyranids List!

As usual I would highly recommend popping over and have a quick read, there is plenty on the site for gamers and hobbyists alike.  Enjoy!