Painting Update 23/11/2016


So preparations for the tournament continue, and furious painting is taking place in the wee hours of the morning to try and get everything done.  Another milestone today as another section of the force is completed in record time – namely the dreadnoughts

Now these chaps were a a bit touch and go for a while – they are not in anyway considered optimal for tournaments and have been included here as very much part of the overall fluffy feel I want to take in my list.  However, in the back of my mind I was worried about the amount of points sunk into them and whether that could be better utilized elsewhere (i.e. a command squad or some ravenwing/deathwing).  However after a handful of trial games to try out the list I am happy to report that, with the addition of  drop pod each to get them around the board (not a way I have played dreads before), they have performed above expectation in both outings and are therefore definitely going into the final list.  With that decision made, it was time to stop putting them off and get them painted!

Ancient Brother Cassiel


Ancient Brother Kushiel



•Sprayed Chaos Black
•Trims, weapons and sarcophagus done in Leadbelcher,
•Exposed mechanical bits on rear dry brushed with Leadbelcher,
•Vision slit, shoulder tops and various bits in Mephiston Red,
•Based with Fine Brown Sand, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Dry brushed with Bleached Bone.  Clumps of grass and stones added
•Decals added, in a rather slapdash fashion


Well, the quality of the painting has taken a real nose dive now, but as far as I am concerned it is another item ticked off the to do list.  I do however look forward to coming back and sorting these guys out, as they were a pleasure to paint (even if badly).

Once more I am also super pleased as they are both EBay rescues and cost peanuts. They were both covered in gak, one in a particularly thick layer of Smurf Blue, and as time is short I didn’t have the chance to strip it back first.  When I come back to finish them off after the tournament, I will probably have a go at saving them both with washes and highlights, before deciding whether to strip them back and start again or not.   Only time will tell  🙂


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