Painting Update 25/02/2016

I have managed to make some good headway into that bane of most Tau players painting – drones! Actually quite easy and quick, especially if they are just being painted to everyday gaming standard, but it makes a big difference to the way the boys look on the table. 21 in total, mostly  gun drones and a few marker drones, variously new builds and ebay rescues.




  • Imperial Primer for undercoat
  • Layers in Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow (with white undercoat) / Abbadon Black
  • The given a Nuln Oil wash and highlighted with Ulthuan Grey.
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo


Using transfers on these guys was actually a lot easier than i thought it would be, as the top is just a gentle curve. Painted the edges to try and hide the transfer edging, and the matt glaze also helps to appear less ‘shiny’. To help speed up the painting  I have been dry brushing the highlights before glazing. While this has been okay on the other models so far it doesn’t seem to quite work on the drone edges. I might consider doing proper highlights for the remainder, but I would refer you to early references to laziness.


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