Painting update 3/11/18


With October now safely tucked away behind us (and all the sweet fueled Halloween mayhem that it ends with), it is once again time to review my progress on the ‘Vale of Legions‘ pledge.  This month it was the turn of the Terminator squad, with whom I had tried my hand at a bit of light conversion work.  Did I make the deadline? Would I be ousted from the pledge group?  Would the crippling shame of missing the deadline lead to hours of soul searching angst?  Read on to find out the conclusion to this epic cliffhanger!

Well, not really,  I easily made the deadline.  Hooray me.

Terminator Squad:


Painting wise its the same process as all the other Alpha Legion stuff that I have done.  I manage to get the Blue Glaze a bit more under control on this one than I did on the dreadnaught, although that was mostly due to the smaller panel sizes (but also remembering not to use it like a wash!)

They were getting a bit monotone though with all that silver and blue/silver, so I decided to introduce a bit of brass (again, like the dreadnaught) onto the halberd hafts to try and break it up a bit.  I also went for blue purity seals/oaths of moment. although I might go back and change the colour of the skulls on these, again just to try and break up the monotonous blue.


As with most of the Vale of Legions Pledges, it is not finished – no edge highlighting has been done, and heraldry will have to be added in due course.  The bases are 90% there, they just need a bit of blood spatter and the heather added to finish them.

All in all though, I am pretty satisfied with these chaps – another unit finished up to a playable standard, the conversion has worked pretty well, and of course another stamp of approval – hooray indeed!

40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

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