Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 4


Being from a Forgeworld Imperial Armour book, the Taros Campaign will inevitable involve the use of Forgeword models at some point along the arc of its story.  While I am very keen to play through the campaign, I am much less keen to spend the big bucks normally involved in purchasing Forgeworld models, especially if their use outside of the Taros Campaign is going to be limited.  However, proxying is not really a great option either, so once more I am turning my hand to a bit of paper hammer – this time, the (not so) mighty Trojan!

Ah yes, the work horse of the Imperium!  No, not the ubiquitous Leman Russ.  No, not the ever reliable Chimera either. If those two are the Imperium’s poster boys of the tank world, then the Trojan is like the hard grafting, working class prole of humanity, towing munitions, supplies and artillery pieces across the battle fields of the grimdark with barely a word of complain.


Looking ahead into the campaign I have identified a number of things currently ‘missing’ from my collection that I need to commence the campaign.  Most of these are scenery, as well as a few things that just require painting.  However, the Trojan is one of the Imperial units that is definitely required as it has its very own mission in the campaing, and is key to the narrative (along with a Warhound Titan, but that is a very different post indeed).

As before, I have used the Banewolf template for the basic chassis to the Trojan, as it is a chimera variant anyway so this will approximate well enough.  No turret is required though, so I raided the bits box for a few items to make it feel more vehicle like- the dozer blade is from the OOP vehicle sprue, as is the top and back hatch.  I went for the top mounted heavy bolter to make it a bit more unique looking, while the rear control panel is part from a drop pod.  The recovery arm was scavenged from a matchbox recovery truck, which just happened to be the right size (and moves too!).


This is also the first model I have used my rivets on, and I think they make it look awesome.  I’m still not looking forward to going back and putting them on the previously completed tanks, but the level of detail they add is just too good to pass up.  They make the whole look even better when sprayed black.


In the campaign, the Trojan is vital to the distribution of supplies – most importantly water – to the front lines, so I also went and made a trailer with water container for it to tow around.  Mostly just from card, I did salvage the tracks from a disused children’s toy (a GUP-X for all you Octonaught fans out there), while the water container once contained some form of biscuit I believe…


Once again very happy with this, the rivets have turned out great on this one so I will definitely be going back over the others just as soon as I build up the courage to do so.  Next on the list, the Banebalde!


4 thoughts on “Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 4

  1. This is the kind of groovy stuff that got me into the hobby to begin with: scratchbuilt kits and just the MacGuyver-esque shenanigans fans like you do with common material. I’d affectionately call this obsession of mine “Garbagehammer” or “Scraphammer” but it doesn’t sound very flattering to works like this.
    Totally and completely following your blog now

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