The Great Inventory, part 1

Now that we have unpacked the majority of our stuff and essential tasks have been completed to the boss’ liking, I have allowed myself a few hours to unpack the toy soldiers serious collectable miniatures and house them in their new abode. While doing so, I also undertook the slightly tedious (if necessary) task of having a bit of an inventory of all the lads. I have collected rather a lot of disparate stuff over the last few years (thanks to a bad EBay habit and not being able to resist a bargain when I see it) and a fair chunk of it has gone straight into boxes labeled ‘project x’ or such like, and then been duly forgotten about.

The inventory also takes a bit more prominence at the moment, as I am keen to join in the with the 40k Addict Hobby Season  shenanigans going on, and a better understanding of where I am will allow me to plan a better hobby season ahead.

I have had to split this post into two parts due to the sheer amount of junk grey gold unearthed during this process – namely Space Marine stuff (my first love being the biggest, naturally) and the rest (Imperial guard, Xenos, Chaos and anything else).

Without further ado let’s get into it!


Dark Angels / Night Sentinels successor chapter


Probably my biggest army overall, and only just behind the Tau for how many miniatures are finished (to a table top standard that is), the vast bulk of this army is made up of Dark Vengeance sets. I was lucky enough to get no less than four DV sets with the 6th edition rules at super markdown prices. Even better, they came with the limited edition Interrogator Chaplain model, of which I now have more than I know what to do with (as well as the other characters). I have also supplemented this over the years with a few choice buys (damn you EBay!) so that I have a pretty big Dark Angel force, but much of it unbuilt or unpainted.

For last year’s tournament  in HK I pushed myself to breaking point to get the battle company finished. While this resulted in a bit of burnout, it did mean I got quite a bit of kit to a playable table top standard in a relatively short period of time.

The Painted Stuff:


Librarian, Interrogator Chaplin, Company Master and Imperial Space marine, 6 x full Tactical squads with plasma guns, 2 x 5 man Devastator squads with plasma cannons, 2 x 5 man assault squads on foot with flamers, two scout squads (one bolters, one sniper) and two dreadnaughts (Multimelta and powerfist).

The Built Stuff:


15 x DV bikers, 3 x  Command squad bikers, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Company Master on Bike, 2 x Landspeeder, 4 x DV Deathwing Terminator squads

The Unbuilt Stuff:


5 Deathwing Knights (on sprue), 5 x Terminator bodies for using Command squad (stuff off said sprue), 1 x DV Deathwing Terminator squad, 5 x bikes (for making characters on bikes), 10 x DV veteran sergeants (intended for use as veteran squad), 9 x Company Master bodies (intended for use as command squad), 16 x DV tactical marines, 2 x Plasma Cannon marines (for making painted squads up to full strength), 7 x Librarians (some for conversions, other chapters, etc) and 4 x Interrogator Chaplains (one for Asmodai conversion, another for possible Cypher conversion)

Running total – 206 models




My first chapter when I was weeee, just a small force of badly painted miniatures that I hang on to for the narrative games (that I never get around to doing…)

The Painted stuff:


Marneus Calgar, 2 x Captains, 4 x 5 man Tactical squads, 1 x Terminator Squad, 2 x 5 man Devastator squads, 2 x 5 man Assault Squads


Just the Apothecary and Standard Bearer Ancient

Running total – 251 models


Imperial Fists


A much longer term project, I wanted to create some Imperial Fists out of all the spares/EBay bargains I have left over. However, I am now having the creeping realisation that I may never get around to it…

The painted stuff:


One test model, sergeant.

The built stuff:


10 x scouts, 7 x sternguard, 10 x tactical marines, 5 x devastators, rifleman dreadnaught, 3 x chaplain (normal, terminator + jump pack), Thunderfire cannon. While these guys are painted, they are all the wrong colours and many need stripping before a repaint

The Unbuilt stuff:


Not so much unbuilt as needs stripping and reassembling/repainting. Lots of EBay treasure covered in gakk here. Close to 100 tactical marines, 20 assault marines, 10 metal torsos, plastic command squad, 2 x medics, Techmarine, 10 x scouts on sprue, 5 x terminators on sprue, 1 x metal dreadnaught


Oh and this lot – 28 terminators in various states.

Running total – 488 models


Legion of the Damned


At one time I quite fancied an entire battle company done in the style of the mega space death rock metal band. I still do if I’m honest.  *le sigh* Another project lost to the ravages of time and procrastination (mostly the latter)

The Painted stuff:


20 x home brew LotD – two all plasma teams, two all melta teams, and a guy masquerading in a jetpack

The Unbuilt stuff:

15 x yer actual metal LotD which I was just too terrified to touch having gotten them at bargain basement process on EBay and then seen how much they should go for. Still waiting for my painting skills to be up to the task.

Running total – 524 models


Blood Angels


The Painted stuff:

5 x bolter scouts, 1 x Tactical marine, 1 x death company

The Unbuilt stuff:

11 x Tactical marines, 5 x death company, 1 x death company dreadnaught, 1 x Tycho (I think), 1 x Terminator Captain, and all the terminators from Space Hulk (not pictured as they are in their own game box like good little toys)

Running total – 560 models


Space Wolves


The Painted stuff:

2 x wolf guard terminators

The built/Unbuilt stuff:

4 x wolf guard terminators, 10 x blood claws, 1 x character (from storm claw set)

Running total – 577 models


Rogue Trader


The ‘stuff’:

I like to collect the old RTB01 marines when I see them on EBay for cheap, and so have a pretty big collection assembled so far. I really wanted to do these guys as the ‘rainbow warriors’ from the original Rogue trader book, but I was also toying with the idea of painting them as Aurelian Technocracy troops and using them in 30k. Again, the models are pretty precious to me though so I am waiting for my painting standard to improve somewhat before talking them.


About 30 x plastic RTB01s, another 20 or so metal ones, three ‘chucky’ dreads and three original landspeeders.

Running total – 637 models


The Vehicle Pool


In a rare act of self financial preservation, I decided rather than trying to accumulate vehicles for all the different chapters I would instead paint them in neutral enough colours to be used by all those that required it. Black was an easy choice in this regard, as with yellow and red trims it could go with my Dark Angles (who work for 30k and 40k thanks to the rhino mark I’s) and Imperial Fists 2nd company (when they are done) They will also work for my Alpha Legion 30k too (more in part 2), and probably even the blood angels/ultramarines without raising too many eyebrows at the tabletop.

The ‘stuff’:

7 x MK1 rhinos, 2 x MK2 razorbacks, 3 x MK1Predators, 3 x drop pods, 5 x land speeders (only to in photo), 2 x land raiders (badly in need or striping and repair), 1 x land speeder storm, 1 x Stormtalon (in bits in bag)

Running total – 661 models


At this point I consider just giving up on the inventory, as it is taking waaaaay longer than I bargained for, but also is pretty distressing. Already I think it’s pretty clear I have a problem (and I don’t just mean in terms of painting time required to complete this lot!). The only thing to do now is push on and see how bad the problem is.

I just hope the wife isn’t reading this….


This, but with toy soldiers. And more beer.



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