Painting Update – 08/10/2015

Sorry for the lack of post recently, real life has taken over from the painting and blogging I’m afraid (as well as a bit of laziness for good measure) but I am back now and hoping to catch up on the painting posts at least!

Here is the third painted item for my Tau force – a Commander model. This was primarily an EBay rescue job, and it came already based in red.  Since I was after a stand out colour piece for the commander I decided to keep it this way –  he is also a handy Farsight ‘counts as’ too.



No real process with this one, I just tidied him up, added highlighting and shading here and there and then rebased him. I also adjusted the pose a little to make him a bit more dynamic. Eventually I will have to remove the weapons and magnetize them, but that is a task for another day…


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