Painting Update – 12/10/2015

I have cracked on with finishing some kroot, since they almost aways make an appearance in my Army Lists and currently look horrendous. More eBay rescues, a very thick coat of brown gak on these (hence the bargainous price of 99p) and some broken / misaligned arms that could not be amended due to their frailty.




  • Unknown gak as Primer to start,
  • Layers in Caliban Green / Mournfang Brown / Leadbelcher Grey/ Mephiston red
  • Caliban Green drybrushed with Flash gitz Yellow
  • Then given a Nuln Oil wash and highlighted dark areas with Ulthuan Grey.
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo

Yes, still need to sort out the high contrast in my photography, am working on it! More EBay rescues, so even though paint scheme is basic and a bit rough I will be still be happy to use these on the table on a Saturday afternoon – just another five to go first! A shame the arms couldn’t be repositioned as they were too frail and too much glue had been used, maybe if I have any spares at a later date I will come back and try to redo (but almost certainly not re: laziness)



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