Painting Update – 19/10/2015

I have cracked on and finished the second half of my Kroot squad – my aim is to get enough units painted to field a decent 1000pt full painted force ASAP. We will see how that works out (I’m going to guess…….. not well).




  • Unknown gak as Primer to start,
  • Layers in Caliban Green / Mournfang Brown / Leadbelcher Grey/ Mephiston red
  • Caliban Green drybrushed with Flash gitz Yellow
  • Then given a Nuln Oil wash and highlighted dark areas with Ulthuan Grey.
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo


More of the EBay rescues fro the same purchase, and again the arms couldn’t be repositioned as they were too frail and too much glue had been used, but I will be happy to use them for gaming so they go straight in to the fully painted force (Wohoo! 60pts done!)


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