Adeptus Titanicus: unboxing



So the deed was done with little or no remorse for my wallets feelings – I begged, borrowed and stole misappropriated reassigned funds intended to feed & clothe my young and used them to preorder Adeptus Titanicus.  I am a bad man.

Well, that’s not quite true – a combination of good fortune (selling an Imperial Knight on eBay that has been listed for months), good timing (it being my Birthday last week) and past prudence (continued downsizing of the plastic crack pile collection with minimal impulse buying) meant that I could order this boxed set without having to part with a Kidney. Which was nice, as I think evolution gave me two kidneys for a reason, and yet I probably would have flown in the face of Darwinism and risked my genetically enhanced survival status by parting with it.

So now that I have it in all its glory, I though I would take some photos and share some initial thoughts. As with my Kill Team unboxing, this wont be a rules review but rather a good look at the contents and what I think of it in terms of quality, value etc. However, the first issue I want to address was the preorder itself.


I usually preorder from my Local FLGS Firestorm Games, because I like to support where I play but also because the usual third party discount on GW products can make all the difference between a boxed set being an ok deal and a great deal. In this case though, Adeptus Titanicus wasn’t available to order from their website for some reason, so I moved on to my back up, Element Games. By the time I tried to order from them (about 40 minutes after preorders went live) they were sold out. As were the next three FLGS I tried – who would have thought it would be so popular?  Well, just about everyone (except GW that is…).

I then tried one of the bigger resellers (who I wont name, but I’m pretty sure you can guess who it is), and was shocked to discover they were offering no discount at all. They were not alone it seems, as I have subsequently seen on facebook that quite a few other FLGS were also not offering the usual discount on this particular product.

For me, there is an unspoken social contract between an FLGS and their customers – one supports the other. I will buy everything I can from my FLGS, in exchange for using their tables and getting the standard third party seller discount (normally between 15-20%). I dont even mind that my FLGS only seems to offer 10% as standard – again I am just happy for any discount and happy to support their business. For some FLGS’s to have decided to gouge their customer base solely on the basis this product was a limited run and likely to be extremely popular smacks of very poor form indeed.

Anyway, rant over – I eventually got mine from, who informed me afterwards that I had got the very last box that they were allocated.  Unfortunately, they then messed up the delivery and so i didn’t actually receive it until Monday.  But still, it is in my hands now so happy days! What’s in the box?


First up we have the now standard A3 artwork postcard.  I love these, but I just wish this one had done as the other boxed sets did and got rid of the titles!  There was also a nice little cardboard warlord model thing too – I presume just as a fun extra and not as an homage to the 2nd edition ork dreadnaught?

Anyway, with that out of the way we get right to the heart of the matter – sprues!


First up, its great to see some templates back in GW games.  Now dont get me wrong, I actually like my 40k without templates as games are quicker and there is way less arguing / messing around, but i think a game like Adeptus Titanicus EPIC will be able to handle it, given the smaller units counts, mostly stand alone units and extra crunchy rules that go with it.

Warlord Titans


So here are the big boys we have all been waiting for, and needless to say the detail is awesome – as you would expect from GW. Part of me does miss the aesthetic of the original warlord titans from back in the day (and the great artwork that went with them) but there is no denying that these models capture the idea of lumbering behemoths, striding the land and spitting death!

Not much in the way of weapon options by the look of it (volcano cannons and missile launchers only) – which is my only real gripe considering the cost – but I still look forward to finding out what they do.  An extra nice touch is the pre-cast holes or magnetising. This is a great move, as I always tread rather fearfully when taking a drill to an expensive model! Height wise they are not far short of a full height 40K knight, and almost as detailed.



I didn’t expect much from these guys – in fact I kind of expected them to be single cast monopose figures. They are actually full of variations and extras and look like a lot of fun to model in themselves. Sidewise they are about the same height as primaris marine, and look like they may actually benefit from LoS blocking terrain.



This is probably my least favourite part of the set – now don’t get me wrong, the quality is fantastic and the fact you get two sets of the Civitas Imperialis sets makes it very good value.  I’m just not a fan of the boxy-gothic aesthetic style that they are done in – i much prefered the more brutalist looking hab blocks of the original game, and may well look to make some of my own instead of using these. Perhaps if they can be converted into a massive cathedral or something i might be interested, but otherwise im not sold.

Game Components


We saw the templates earlier, but they are not the only game components included in the game – we get what look like firing arc / movement arc templates, some objective tokens, some chart trackers (see consoles later) as well as some battlefield assets like macro cannon turrets!  Awesome!


We then get into the rules, consisting of a very meaty rulebook – inside is done in the distinctive forgeworld 30k style, which makes me hope the ruleset is as good and tight as its 30k counterpart.


And then we have the consoles and cards.  Im still unsure as to what these actually do in the game, but it all adds to a feeling of very deep and detailed game play that harkens back to the old ways of GW – lots of rolling on tables and random results.  Again, I dont miss this element of complexity in 40k, but I did enjoy it in the past and it will be nice to have a game that has it back at the core of things.  You also get consoles for Reaver and Warlord Titans in the set, which is great!  I feel some proxying coming on….


There are also some nice transfers and a free sample of the new book by Dan Abnett.


So there we have it, lots and lots and lots of stuff in the box, and I really cant wait to get going with this – the models look fun to build and paint, while the rule set look intriguing.  It is also interesting that the back of the box suggests the playing time is only 60 minutes? I look forward to seeing how that resolves against the apparent depth of detail, but will be equally delighted if it is true!

So as you can tell, im pretty bowled over by this boxed set.  GW have produce another great product (well played GW.  Well played……) and my wallet is now sobbing in a corner.  However, while the quality is high, you really do pay for it with this one.  RRP was 175 GBP, while i got it for 141 GBP thanks to third party discounts.  When compared against the cost of all the components of 255 GBP * it does seem like good value.

However, when you think about the price that GW are charging for some of these items individually, you do start to the think that the value is somewhat skewed by the possible over inflation of costs in the first place – having seen he knights sprues, im not sure I would pay 20 GBP for them on their own.

That aside though, it is great to be back in an age of titans smashing several shades of plasma out of each other.  Epic is back, and I look forward to more in the future!

*Cost break down

  • Warlord Titan x 2 = 130 GBP
  • Knights x 2 = 40 GBP
  • Rule Set = 35 GBP
  • Civitas Imperialis x 2 = 50 GBP

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