The Kraken Awakens!



Now I dont normally get too excited about GW releases, and certainly not enough to write an article on the blog about it, but this time is different.  This isn’t just any release.  This is the rerelease of all rereleases.  This is EPIC!

Or rather, sort of Epic.

When GW decided to start reengaging with their customer fan base a few years ago (after the ousting of ‘ the CEO who shall not be named ‘), one of the key actions they took was to restart their specialist games unit.  This has been immeasurably successful thus far, with Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest (along with s slew of other self contained board games like Deathwatch: Overkill) showing that there was a strong demand for games outside of the mainline 40k / AoS settings.

So when the announcement was made that Adeptus Titanicus was going to get a rerelease, a lot of people (including myself) got VERY excited that Epic was going to make a return after all these years.  And so we waited.  And waited.  And waited some more, sustaining ourselves on the meagre morsels of information to make it out of the closely guarded Nottingham vaults and onto the illicit rumour pages of them there interwebs.

And now, finally, it has arrived!  Or rather, it will next week be up for preorder.  The trickle of information has tuned into a tidal wave, and now we can get a very good idea what we can expect from the new game.

1: Its Epic, but not as you know it…… yet


Yes, this is certainly not the Epic we all knew and loved.  For starters, the scale is different.  Only slightly (up to 8mm from 6mm) but enough to make your carefully hoarded Epic armies of yore look a bit funny next to the new figures.  That said there is nothing stopping you using the old figures with the new rules, but to be honest if old Epic is what you want to play you are probably better off sticking with the community made rulesets (which are pretty good anyway).

What the change in scale does offer though is a chance for more detail.  While it is currently only a game of giant robots smashing seven shades of plasma out of each other, there have been hints from the game design team that tanks (and possibly infantry) may not be outside the realms of possibility further down the line.  Which is great to know, as the only thing better than Titans in the old Epic were the super heavy tanks – and I want my rows of shadow swords back!

2: The clue is in the name…

So the new game is primarily about Titans (duh), with a focus on low model count armies facing off across a 4 x 4 battlefield. This means a number of things – firstly, quite compact games that should get you straight into the action.  Secondly, that the rules are going to be deep and layered with lots of room for nuance.  Just look at the Command Terminals – they look Bonkers!


3: Its Heresy, baby…

Yes, the setting is Horus Heresy, 30k not 40k, which means for those of us with a Xeno’s bent (For the Greater Good!) we are probably going to have to wait for the game to prove itself successful before we get any expansions that cover our beloved factions.


‘Wait, whut? What do you mean we’re 10,000 too early?’

4: Alternative actions…

Or rather activations.  Yes, it seems that the new ruleset will involve alternating activations, which makes perfect sense as Titan weapons are pretty unforgiving and surviving a full fusillade from your opponent before moving would seem unlikely.  I really like the way this is headed, as the ‘you-go-I-go’ is easily my least favourite aspect of 40k, and should open up the tactical decisions away from ‘how can I crush you before you crush me’ to something more akin to ‘how will my choice to move rather than shoot now effect the game in turn 4?’.


5: It all in the Box

Again, as with most of the GW boxed sets released lately, if you go for the full set then everything you need is in the box to play – rules, Minis and Terrain!  The contents look awesome!

(warning: following image may cause excess salivation and heightened heart rates in Grognards of a certain age)


6: A Price to pay…

And so we come to the crunch.  How much?  Well, if like me you are willing to pledge your eternal soul then any cash amount required to purchase this game would seem paltry.  However, given that preorders will be up next week it is surprising that there is no information on cost.

Surprising, and slightly terrifying.  GW have garnered a great reputation recently for making boxed sets terrific value (Kill Team!), but I get the feeling it is going to be one of the most expensive boxed set ever released.  I hope I’m wrong, but since when has anything called ‘The Grand Master Edition’ been cheap?

Anyway, that’s enough mad ramblings about Adeptus Titanicus.  I will probably sell a Kidney to get hold of it.  And be Happy.  Cos its gonna be EPIC!


‘…and vital organs!’

2 thoughts on “The Kraken Awakens!

  1. Can’t wait for that game, hopefully I will get together enough money for the big box.
    I started into the hobby all those decades ago with EPIC, not 40k or Fantasy, no with EPIC. I always had a sweetspot for tiny smaller scale toys as a child, like Micro Machines or Micromaster Transformers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here – super heavy combat always belong in Epic, and there was nothing like the vast sweep of the whole battlefield to suck you in 😀 I hope I’m going to be able to get the big box too – its that or nothing really.


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