I am Kroot! Blackstone Fortress


Ok, so I am a little late to the party here but NEW KROOT MODEL!  Wohoooooooo!

I was already eyeing up the Blackstone Fortress Game as a possible xmas present from myself the wife, as the other Warhammer Quest games are pretty great fun (as stand alone pieces) and could only really be improved by a grimdark setting.

The models were also probably going to be awesome too (as Silver Tower and Hammerhal testify), but I didn’t really have my hopes pinned on anything other than a few interesting Space Marine characters.  How wrong I was…

Not only is the Kroot model above an awesome sculpt, it also sticks to the aesthetic of the previous designs really well, refining it and developing it in a way which could only have kroot in its DNA.  This is almost certainly going to be most T’au players new No.1 Shaper model (if they ever field them), and I cannot wait to get mine painted up, even if it will end up on the shelf gathering dust.

However, this is not the only great thing about the new game – the whole motely crew of adventurers seem pretty great as well -the new Rogue Trader model is a great stand model in for imperial governor or the like for fluffy games.


It also seems like the enemy may not be the usual suspects (i.e. Chaos lackeys), with more images released showing a new kind of alien menace all together!


These are both great minis in their own right, and I cannot wait to see more in the next few days of spoilers from the Warhammer Community Team.  However, this all pales into insignificance as the Kroot is the main deal for me!

So does this mean a new raft of Kroot models are on the way?  Maybe even the much rumored Krootdex?  Weeeeeeeeell, probably not.  While it is true that most of the forgeword Kroot stuff has been discontinued, I find it hard to image that it was done so to make way for a whole new range of Kroot minis.

Kroot are a small niche group within one of the less popular factions, and while I would love nothing more than to see Kroot (and T’au mercs in general) given the limelight of a major release, I think GWs priorities are elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

But hey, who cares?!  One new Kroot model is enough to keep most T’au player more than happy over the holidays – roll on pre-orders!

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