Painting Update 12/08/2016


As covered in my previous post, I have had a go at kit bashing an ethereal model from spares and a few select ‘bits’ from the bits shop.  My initial feelings on the model were a bit mixed, but it was always intended as a first step into the world of conversions and as such I feel I learnt a lot that I can implement on the next effort.

However, after priming the model I felt that there was maybe a chance that a paint job might actually hide a lot of the problems, so I have cracked on and bashed him out (to the usual ‘gaming’ standard only) to see how it looks.  Behold, the mighty and terrifying Ethereal!



  • Imperial Primer to start, then layers in Vallejo Ivory / Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow / Abbadon Black
  • Leadbelcher dry brush to metallic areas
  • Nuln oil wash on grey and metals, seraphim sepia on Ivory areas
  • Drybrush of ceramite white on cloak and ulthuan grey on armour


Well I am glad I powered through my doubts and misgivings at the modelling stage, as I think he looks pretty awesome.  No he is not going to be winning golden daemon anytime soon, but as he (and everything else on this blog) was only ever intended for the table top I am pretty chuffed with him.  Sure there are mistakes with the painting (shading and subsequent dry brushing of the cloak being the major one) but i think he will look pretty good alongside the rest of the boys and of course give me  a much needed HQ option alongside the Commander.

With my first conversion a small success, I am fired up to carry on and try my luck with another.  However, I think I am probably going to give the Tau a break for a while after this.  Another Faction has been burning a hole in my pocket, and I am keen to get them up to a higher painting standard than the Tau in time for a tournament in the Autumn, so look out for those appearing soon!


2 thoughts on “Painting Update 12/08/2016

  1. Well done. I like that ivory cloak; really makes the model stand out.

    Had I not seen the previous post, I wouldn’t have thought it was a conversion. He looks the part, and nothing screams non-standard model, which is good.


    • Cheers man! If I can build up the courage I might try some proper non dry brushed highlights and maybe some Tau lettering on the trim of the cloak. But that’s a lot of courage for me. Maybe after a drink…..


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