The 2016/17 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’


Dave Weston, of  40k Addict fame, has issued his annual ‘call to painting and modeling arms’, encouraging all of us with masses of unpainted grey embarrassment to get a proper ‘To Do’ list together and start cracking on with the job at hand.  You can see Dave’s original post at his blog here

The 201617 hobby season starts soon

In the past year of so I have managed to get a small force of Tau built and painted to a semi decent tabletop standard.  However, the memory of my first 40k love still haunts me and I have become more and more obsessed with the idea of paining up my considerable pile of grey Space Marines.  So, apart from a few smaller Tau projects I will be devoting the majority of this coming Hobby season to painting up my Dark Angels!

Over the last year I have been scouring eBay and my local FLGS sales for decent Dark Angels buys, and have been lucky enough to score enough Dark Vengeance Tactical squad kits to fill out a whole Battle company!  I also managed to pick up enough Mk I Rhinos, second-hand drop pods (thanks  Battle Brothers FAQ!) and cheap OOP Predators  to allow me to give all the infantry units a transport option if I opt to take it.  The cherry on the cake was two 99p dreadnoughts, bought from eBay in pretty bad condition but still salvageable with a bit of elbow grease.

So, with the models bought and paintbrush raring to go, I have decided to break down my ‘To Do’ list by squad.  I will probably do priming and base layers in large batches with the infantry, but then progress the detail on a squad by squad basis so I get some sense of gradual achievement as I go.  I am also going to be trying for a slightly higher standard than I have attempted so far, and these models will be my first foray into two stage highlights – no more blanket dry brushing for me!

The 2016/17 Hobby Season ‘To Do’ list

Dark Angels Battle Company

Chapter Master
Scout Squad Afre (5) sniper rifles
Tactical Squad Azra (10) Bolters, Plasma gun
Tactical Squad Barae (10) Bolters, Plasma gun
Tactical Squad Camae (10) Bolters, Plasma gun
Tactical Squad Darda (10) Bolters, Plasma gun
Tactical Squad Ermie (10) Bolters, Plasma gun
Tactical Squad Gadre (10) Bolters, Plasma gun
Assault Squad Hese (5) CCW & Bolt pistols, 2 x Flamers
Assault Squad Israf (5) CCW & Bolt pistols, 2 x Flamers
Devastator Squad Jequn (5) 4 x Plasma Cannons
Devastator Squad Kerub (5) 4 x Plasma Cannons
Ancient Brother Cassiel (1) Multimelta, Power Fist & Heavy Flamer
Ancient Brother Kushiel (1) Multimelta, Power Fist & Heavy Flamer
3 Rhinos
6 Razorbacks (Heavy Bolters)
3 Drop Pods


Commander Farsight conversion
Razorfish Fighter conversion
Gundam/Riptide conversion
Gundam/Ghostkeel conversion
Gundam/Tau ‘Knight’ conversion


Board Tiles project
Building Terrain Project

Wow, ok – so when it’s all down on paper it is a bit foreboding to say the least.  However, I think there is enough variety in that list to keep me interested and stop me from getting fatigued by the mass of Dark Angels stuff to get through.  And of course i will always be open to new distractions along the way.

But coming back to Dave Weston, I think this is a great way to give you focus through the year and some appreciable outcome for your efforts – i highly recommend that you take up the call to arms and join your battle brothers at the front lines, paint brushes and superglue at the ready!


7 thoughts on “The 2016/17 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’

  1. That’s a list!

    Good luck with it. I find painting lots and lots of armored stuff, be it Marines or Tau, gets old quick. It’s always just so much of the same. I’m glad to get it done, but man does it grate on you after a while when doing it.


  2. Jealous of all those Rhinos and Predators. I’ve been thinking I need to stock up on them to do the Lions Blade cheese! Thanks for joining in, I hope the scale of the Dark Angels doesn’t become overwhelming, hopefully your Tau will switch things up enough so you can stave off the monotony. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheers Dave – yeah I have been really lucky with these rhinos and predators, as I have managed to pick up loads at bargain basement prices. Since they are mostly mark Is and Rouge Trader they will also double up for my 30K army (when its painted) as well as any future Space Marines collections I get sucked into – a deathwatch force is proving hard to resist as well…

      I am looking forward to dropping them on some poor unsuspecting opponent in the near future! I like to think its one of the cheesy formations that’s actually a lot of fun for your opponent to play against, as who doesn’t like blowing up rhinos left right and centre? Its even better if you are playing kill points as well!


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