Titan’s Fall: A Tau vs Ultramarines Escalating Campaign

Hello and welcome to a multi-part campaign between the plucky Tau Forces of Fi’Rios Septword (under my command) and the cunning Ultramarines (under the command of my good friend Neophyte2012). Batreps will be written reports & pictures format, with as much fluff as can be mustered liberally sprinkled in between.  These will be written up on DakkaDakka, so to avoid duplication of work I will post links to those full write ups here and some summaries/key photos as the campaign progresses.

Link to DakkaDakka thread below

Titan’s Fall Campaign

(don’t worry DakkaDakka is a well respected gaming forum and as such will not bombard you with pop ups for cheap blue pills, pork sword extensions or one simple trick to losing 60000lbs in a week)

The Campaign will be split into five chapters, and each will have its own campaign book uploaded here for you to look at and even play if you so wish to do so (it will not be GW standard or anything, but you might find it fun ) Points will escalate throughout the missions, with various bonuses becoming available depending on battle results. All games will be hosted by the good people at Fun Atelier and their excellent selection of scenery will hopefully be used to add an extra visual dimension to a fluffy campaign.

Current status of the campaign is that we are on part three Already, so I will offer a brief summary of parts one and two here soon!


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