Tourney Time!



Next month I will, with any luck, be attending the ‘Seeds of Destruction’ Tournament, run by the venerable Vale Renegades and hosted by the very excellent Firestorm Games here in beautiful, sunny, downtown Cardiff.  This will mark my third (yes third!) Tournament of the Year, smashing all previous records (being 1) for attendances of competitive events in a single hobby season, and moving me firmly into the category of ‘novice gamer’.

But that is not the only milestone to be reached, for this will also be my first ITC event!  Now, as someone who has no interest in the world of cut throat competitive gaming, you may well ask yourself why the hell would I want to get involved in an ITC event?  Well, the answers are many fold, convoluted, and not really worth the time of explaining – let alone reading.  Lets just say I want to crush the unworthy mercilessly beneath my boots  get some games in while I have a free weekend and this seemed like the best way to do it.

I will once more be taking my T’au, solely on the basis that they are the most painted and the most interesting faction to play out of what I have to hand.  I would have dearly liked to take the Dark Angles, but its basically a Battle Company with not much in the way of teeth and I would like to give myself a chance of at least destroying some opposition units, rather than just digging in and hoping not to get tabled.

The format is five games using the missions from the BRB, with a list of secondary’s to choose from as well as a mission critical objective.  The majority of these objectives involve holding ground / object / objective points to some degree, and the rough list I am going for tries in some small way to make an allowance for that.  In the past I have always tended to pick the big shiny toys first, and then squeeze some troops into the gaps left over.  This time I have tried to start from the objectives up, focusing on ‘boots on the ground’ before ‘Death from above’.  Here is the rough list;


T’au Empire Bork’an Brigade Detachment, [2000ish pts, +12 Command Points]

  • HQ, Cadre Fireblade, 1: warlord, Pulse rifle, markerlight, Signature System – Puretide Engram Neurochip.
  • HQ, Ethereal, 1: Honour blade.
  • HQ, XV86 Coldstar Commander, 1: 4 x Fusion Blaster.
  • TROOPS, Fire Warrior Strike Team, 6: 1 x Shas’ui, 7 x Shas’la, Pulse Rifles
  • TROOPS, Fire Warrior Strike Team, 6: 1 x Shas’ui, 7 x Shas’la, Pulse Rifles
  • TROOPS, Fire Warrior Strike Team, 6: 1 x Shas’ui, 7 x Shas’la, Pulse Rifles
  • TROOPS, Fire Warrior Strike Team, 6: 1 x Shas’ui, 7 x Shas’la, Pulse Rifles
  • TROOPS, Fire Warrior Strike Team, 6: 1 x Shas’ui, 7 x Shas’la, Pulse Rifles
  • TROOPS, Fire Warrior Strike Team, 6: 1 x Shas’ui, 7 x Shas’la, Pulse Rifles
  • ELITES, XV104 Riptide, 1: Heavy Burst Cannon, 2 x Smart Missile System, Target Lock, Advanced Targeting System
  • ELITES, Stealth Team, 3: Shas’vre x 1, Shas’ui x 2, Burst Cannons
  • ELITES, Stealth Team, 3: Shas’vre x 1, Shas’ui x 2, Burst Cannons
  • FAST ATTACK, Pathfinder Team, 9: Shas’ui x1, Shas’la x 8, Ion Rifle x 3
  • FAST ATTACK, Tactical Drones, 6: Shield Drone x 6
  • FAST ATTACK, Tactical Drones, 6: Shield Drone x 6
  • FAST ATTACK, XV109 Y’vahra, 1: Target Lock, Advanced Targeting System
  • HEAVY, Broadside, 1: Heavy Rail Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Seeker Missile, Shield Generator
  • HEAVY, Broadside, 1: Heavy Rail Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Seeker Missile, Shield Generator
  • HEAVY, Broadside, 1: High Yield Missile Pod, Smart Missile System, Seeker Missile, Shield Generator

Formation and Sept:


I’ve gone for the Brigade, mainly to keep it simple but also because I want the CP’s – I calculate I’ll be going through about 4/5 per turn (Branched Nova Charge 1cp, Experimental Weaponry 1cp, Automated Repair System 2cp, Stim Injectors 1cp) and if I get a few back from the PENchip then I should have enough to last until turn 4 hopefully.

I’ve gone for Bork’an solely to give the Y’vahra the boost in range on its flamers that turn it into a killing machine.  The range boost will also help out the Broadsides, Riptide, fire warriors and markerlights, but I would have probably preferred T’au tenet for the 5+ overwatch on the troops if it didn’t meant losing the brigade and bucket of CPs.

Fire warriors & Pathfinders:


As mentioned, I will be focusing on playing the actual missions for a change, and the noble fire warrior will play  critical role in that.  As well as offering my ObSec, they are also a pretty good unit for the T’au to take; 4+ BS/Save is none too shabby for the points (7pts each), while pulse rifles +Bork’an tenet are rapid fire 36″ S5, making them insanely good value.  However, it is in defence where they really shine, as ‘For the Greater Good’, will allow them to put down overlapping fields of fire on anyone trying to break through the lines.  And of course, in the presence of fireblade or ethereal, this wall of pulse rounds becomes even better (See below).

Pathfinders are there to give me some much needed marker light support, as well as pulse rounds in desperate circumstances – along with the fireblades I should be able to get the magic 5 markerlights on thing that need to die.  I am also trying out a few Ion rifles, as I have heard good things and am keen to give them a go and see if they cant dish out a few nasty surprises for the opposition!



The defensive lynch pin around which the fire warriors will hold their ground.  Able to join in with the defensive fusillade if required, they also have the ability to add to the ranged fire power with 2 x Railsides (Heavy Rail Rifles) and 1 x Missileside (High Yield Missile Pods).  I’ve gone for Shield Generators to help them be a bit more durable, as having them sniped by las-cannons is a real threat and the generator is cheaper than fitting them out with drones.



The Firebalde will sit with the fire warriors to give them volley fire (extra shot at half range – 18″ with Bork’an), making the wall of death even more wall of death like.  The Ethereal will sit there to, for the LD bubble boost but also 6+ FNP or reroll 1’s to hit, depending on how the game is going.

Coldfusionstar Commander will be one of my big hitters – I’ll keep him back initially, then jump forward screaming ‘Kauyon!’ and melt something important, before zipping off to grab objectives (if he survives) and generally be a pain in the but.



Y’vahra is basically a big ball of death who will march directly towards the enemy lines, burning as he goes, until he cant go no more and ‘failsafe detonators’ himself for the glory of the empire.

The Burstide will initially hold the line with the rest of the infantry, laying down punishing fire but giving me the option of a bit of late game mobility if I need to push up on objectives.

2 x 6 shield drone squads are there to try and keep them both alive as long as possible.



The Stealth teams are there to infiltrate onto objectives in no mans land (which may happen a lot, depending on deployment maps) and draw the enemy fire away from my big hitters in the back.  They will also help with some of the secondary choices, and enable me to get line breaker, etc, as well as be a general pain in the backline for my opponent.

My only issue is in supporting these chaps, as beyond the riptides and Commander I dont really have anything designed for pushing forward.  I might swap out 10 fire warriors for 10 breachers, which would be better for pushing forward in support (even without a devilfish), but time might prevent it as I already have a lot to paint without adding ten new guys into the mix.


So there we have it, the rough list – I am not wedded to any particular elements beyond the y’vahra and coldstar so if you have any suggestions for improvement feel free to leave them in the comments.  The next task will be getting on with some painting, as it would be nice to have a fully painted force but also upgrade the level of painting on some of the more basic guys (looking at you broadsides) and hopefully tick off a few outstanding Hobby Season goals while I am at it.  Time for a meme!


8 thoughts on “Tourney Time!

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  7. Nice list. I know the tournament has been, but my only small recommendation would be to drop the shield drones down to 4 each and add a recon drone, pulse drone and 2 shield drones to the pathfinders. You lose 2 shield drones, but gain 3 drone wounds, plus you can rapid fire at 21″ with the fire warriors near the pulse drone and still protect the 2 Riptides.

    Off to read your day 1 report now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the feedback – drone switch is a good idea, will definitely try it with a new iteration of this list. Might also spilt it down into a T’au battalion and Bork’an spearhead for the 5+ over watch and chance to include Darkstrider. Sure its less command points but I generally had left overs after the game so can probably sacrifice a few.


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