2017/18 Hobby Season review


So the Hobby season is almost over, and as real life now threatens to curtail any further meaningful progress on the list, it is probably a good point at which to call time on the 2017-2018 season and have a quick review of how and what was achieved.

When looking at the original list one thing is obvious from the start – my list was more of a wish list than an actual plan of what to focus on over the year. It was huge, and while that allowed me to bounce around and not get too bored, it was also very daunting and led to a few periods of hang wringing as I struggle with where to put my focus. That said, I have managed to achieve some goals that I’m very happy with and can take heart going into the new season. Here is the checklist:

Dark Angels

Battle Company
Tactical squads to full strength, all Plasma Gun & Plasma Cannon fitout  DONE!
12 spare bolter marines to replace the Plasma weapons if required DONE!
Devastators squads to full strength, all Plasma Cannon DONE!
Assault squad x 10 with jump packs, 2 x plasma pistols & 1 x eviscerator DONE!
Assault squad x 10 on foot, 2 x flamers & 1 x eviscerator DONE!
Sniper scouts x 4 & Missile Launcher DONE!
Apothecary DONE!
Ancient DONE!
Champion DONE!
10 x Veterans – power swords & bolters revised down to 5 in the end but still DONE!
10 x Veterans – mixed pistol & CCW loadouts DONE!

4 x Dark Vengeance (DV) squads DONE!
5 x Deathwing Knights
Champion with halberd
Plasma cannon Terminator (on older or DV chassis)
2 x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield (on older or DV chassis)
3 x Lightning Claws (on older or DV chassis)
Ancient (conversion – holding banner)

Ravenwing bikers x 10 DONE!
Black knights x 5 DONE!
Attack bike DONE!
3 x Command Squad bikes DONE!
Speeders x 3

Azrael (counts as / conversion)
Asmodai (counts as / conversion)
Ezekiel (counts as / conversion)
Cypher (counts as / conversion)
Company Master
Interrogator Chaplain DONE!
Librarian DONE!

Deathwing HQs
Belial – (counts as / conversion)
Company Master
Interrogator Chaplain (counts as / conversion)

Ravenwing HQs
Sammael Corvex (counts as / conversion)
Company Master DONE!
Chaplain DONE!
Librarian DONE!
Techmarine DONE!


Carbine fire warriors x 12
Breachers conversions x 12
Magnetised Crisis x 6 DONE!
Commander Farsight conversion
Burst Cannon riptide DONE!
10 x Vespid conversion
Sniper drone conversion x 3
Marksman conversion x 2
Remora conversion x 1
R’varna conversion (gundam model)
Ghostkeel conversion (gundam model)
Long strike conversion
Dark strider conversion
Coldstar Commander DONE!
Tau Knight conversion (gundam model)
Ion rifle pathfinders x 5 only three but still DONE!
Rail rifle pathfinders x 5

Boxed Games

Knights x 2 from Renegade
Betrayal at Calth sets x 2 as Alpha Legion STARTED & ONGOING
Deathwatch Overkill box


Tau Tidewall Terrain
Scratch built terrain (lots!) DONE AND DONE!
Terrain from Renegade

The (slightly less) Great Paint

Dark Angels 5th company – all of it (to 2 stage highlights) PAINTED BUT NO HIGHLIGHTS
Terrain (as I currently have very little) DONE!
Tau Breachers & carbine firewarriors
Tau Razorfish conversion
Dark Strider
Crisis x 3 6 IN FACT SO DONE!
Ion/rail rifle pathfinders ION RIFLES DONE!
Broadsides & Riptide brought up to scratch (very basic atm)

So overall, the great build was moderately successful. I hit about 50 % of my items (give or take a few half done or ongoing items), which is not too bad considering the size of the task I set myself. I even over achieved in some areas, most notably making Terrain where I managed to crack out far more that I thought would be possible over the year.

The slightly less great paint was indeed less great – although I managed to tick off one big item in finishing the Dark Angels 5th Company, not a lot else on the list got done. But I did get a lot of the terrain painted, and completed some items that weren’t on the list (such as the y’vahra) and so am not too disappointed.

However there is no getting away from the fact that the original target list was massive. Really, it was huge – dauntingly so in fact – and even though I said at the time I would be delighted if I got anywhere near 50% of it done, I think having such a huge list was a bit of a blow to morale before a paintbrush was lifted in anger.

I have learnt this lesson now, and for the next list I will be far more selective in what I want to achieve, as well as leave a bit of wiggle room for random factors to be introduced in the year (yummy boxed sets, tournament lists, etc).  Anyhoo, onwards and upwards, lets get on with planning for 2018-2019!

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