Painting update 26/9/2018



With the upcoming Seeds of Destruction tournament (this Saturday!) occupying most of my meagre painting time, I have been concentrating on trying to bring some of the worst painted elements up to scratch.  Everything in the list is now painted at least, but some bits are bit shabbier than others.  And by bit, I mean a lot.

In that regard, by far the worst unit is my Broadsides, specifically the Railsides.  I painted these a long, long time ago in a country far, far away, with the intention of just getting the first coat done so I could use them on the tabletop with less shame that sprue grey would have bought me.  I always intended to go back and tidy them up, and guess what – it only took just over two years for me to get around to it!


As you can see in the previous post, the level of painting on this was previously just above zero.  Not even tabletop standard really, more like tournament minimum three colours slapped on with a sponge.



Even if I say so myself, it is a pretty big improvement.  I didn’t want to strip the model back as time is of the essence, so I just used what was there as a base and painted over the top.  As it was, the distribution of colours was fairly similar, it was just the tones and some details that changed.

The first big change was the grey shade – from Russ Grey to The Fang grey, as I am now doing all the suits and tanks in the Fang so I can use the spray can.  Yellow also changed from Flash Gitz to Averland sunset, mainly as it is slightly easier to paint (only requiring three coats as opposed to a zillion). I also added some bronze details to the joints/gyros/whatever they are dotted around the model, as I have seen it done elsewhere and think it helps to add a bit of interest to the model without making it too busy.

I also dry brushed the black areas with leadbelcher to make them more metallic, and added a seeker missile, which I had originally left off the model as I didn’t like them, but now reasile that they make the model look way, way cooler.

I then finished with nuln oil to the armour plate joints and silver metals, and agrax earth shade gloss to the bronze areas to give them a bit of shine.  This is as far as I will go for the tournament, as I want to try and fit at least another repaint in before then, but hopefully at a later date I will be able to go back and do some two stage highlights an change the eye lenses colour to blue, as well as improve the basing finish.

For now though, a big stamp of approval as this guy was on the list!

40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

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