Painting Update 26/07/2016

So it’s been a bit slow on the old painting front recently, namely because I am trying to complete the Firebase Support Cade boxed set I bought, and all the models are significantly larger than anything I have attempted before.  I will also admit to a little bit of Tau painting fatigue – I love the models, but the same colour scheme over and over again it draining my will a little bit.  Besides, I have also started another project as a distraction, which  I hope to post some stuff on here about soon.


In the meantime, I have managed to crack on and get the second squad of Broadsides up to a very basic tabletop standard. This time I have opted for the Heavy Rail Rifle and Plasma rifle fit out – considered sub par by most gamers, I actually find it very useful in games and have rarely been left disappointed in taking it.  It is not the huge wall of shots that its missile alternative brings to the table, but rather a precision instrument made for disrupting your opponents best laid plans – knocking out a key transport here, sniping a heavy weapon there, and insta-jibbing any T4 character silly enough to leave himself in their crosshairs.



  • Imperial Primer to start, then layers in Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow (with white undercoat) / Abbadon Black
  • Leadbelcher dry brush to metallic areas
  • The given a Nuln Oil wash and another layer of Russ Grey on top.

As I said, these guys are not really finished yet, or at least not to the level I ultimately wanted.  I have only done some highlights on yellow areas with a bit of white, but the vast majority of the models still requires edge highlighting with grey and some transfers added.  I may even try some edge weathering with these chaps, but as that will apply to the whole cadre, it will be on the back burner until other projects are completed.

However, with these chaps ‘completed’ to an acceptable level, I have now hit the 1500 points painted Mark! Next time I get the chance, I will take a photo of the whole force and post it here, before moving on towards the ultimate 1850 points goal!


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